Hey, people
You know Jesus is in my body?
But my body has let me down
So, I'm gonna wield this fish and hook till they's put me back deep into the ground
You see, this hook it does protect me
From evil, from shame and from sick
It's cause I boiled it
And I blessed it
With a little hyssop, with some mint
And with a little


Now Jesus, He be a' comin'
From Jerusalem or afar
His anger, it be risin'
Slakin' out wise mens stars
He swimmin' over the ocean
He dried up in his wake
Keepin' the salt in his belly
To flavor the men he will take

He comes up out of the shoreline
The Appalachians is just a bump
He dive over them womanly hills
Down in an ol' tree stump
The earth, it parts before him
As He travel underground
Oh, the rivers reverse direction
And all the farm game He take down
He comes to where it will begin
The mountains rise up, out of his path
He ain't reinventin' justice
But Colorado's the first for his wrath!

Ladies and Gentlemen!
He's come again!
One last time
To call to your sins
May I introduce to you
The one
The only

Jesus Christ!

Enough of Mohammed!
Enough of Al-la-la-la!
Enough of me myself as well, we's all realize our flaws!
Ya people has disappointed!
The experiment's gone a bust!
Next time around, I'll put blood in the stones
A new iron that will not rust!
Flay all the fish in the ocean!
Took down the Kodiak bears!
I's is the only Aborigine!
All you others, ya best prepare!
So people of Colorado
Run far! Run away!
I know! None will listen!

Deliver unto them others!
They best fall down and pray!

People of Colorado
If your fish hook may hap protect
He killed the fish, the sheep and the bears
They'll be nothin' left to e't
It will be an endless cycle, of down and up and back again
So, people of Colorado, don't deliver

You just tell him to stop His sassin'
And you say
Jesus, why don't you just limp up and begin?

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Jesus Is in My Body - My Body Has Let Me Down song meanings
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