"Oh my God, trust me. I'm not looking for a relationship, I just wanna have a good time with you. I'm cool, I'm not like one of those psycho girls…"

So squeeze your tits and say my name
I want all the bitches to go insane like
Straitjacket, straitjacket, straitjacket, straitjacket
Hit you once, you want it twice
And next time you ain't askin' nice like
Straitjacket, straitjacket, straitjacket, straitjacket

[Verse 1]
Listen up, boys, got a lesson for you
For those of you who like coochie, too
There's more to girls than meets the eye
'Specially those who are super fly
I call 'em crazy bitches, they out to get'chas
They act real nice at first I bet'chas
But take 'em home for a bone
Make 'em moan, make 'em groan
And suddenly you're in the Twilight Zone

Banana split personality
Uh oh, this girls is now obsessed with me
Straight up jelly, peanut butter brain
I make all the bitches go insane


[Verse 2]
When I eat them they wanna eat me
But like Hannibal Lector, not nicely
Loonie toonie, Canadian change
Manson, Bundy, so deranged
Eenie meenie miny muck
This bullshit is just my luck
See that girl that I just fucked?
She went crazy, lock her up

"Oh my God. Did you just cuff me to your bedpost? What the fuck? Dude, I am chill, okay. Just fucking let me go."


[Verse 3]
Toot it and boot it, no she ain't havin' that
Best believe that if you hang up she'll be callin' back
And if you block her, better brace for attack
She'll gun you down boy, rat-a-tat-tat
Ahoy! Dry land ahead
The cops are showin' up and she's cuffed to the bed
With her other hand she wails and hammers
She slaps me in the face like a Dem Jointz banger

"Oh my God. Are those cops? Did you call the cops on me? Oh my God, you're an asshole! I'm gonna tell your Mom you're an asshole. I'm gonna tell everyone on Facebook and everyone I know that you're a fucking asshole! You stupid prick, I fucking hate you!"


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