"Enola Gay" as written by and Conor Oberst Conor Mullen Oberst....
He didn't give you that nickname
But you smile when he calls you the Enola Gay
Turns the lights down low for your migraines
And fetches what you've strewn
All around the room up and down the hall
Asking for your Sodium Pentathol
So you can read aloud from your big tell-all
Anecdotes in platitudes

This world's mean getting meaner too
So why'd you have to make it all about you
There's no harm in stepping to the side
Light your hurricane lamp when the sky grows dark
The wind's pissed off and the sun's at large
What you've gotta do, it's just a matter of pride
Until you vanish like the rest, out of sight and out of mind

Working all day in the control room
Mashing Charles Manson songs up with Showtunes
The feelings come quick but they leave as soon
Like music from a passing car
It's crowded in the club where you meet your friends
Try to save some room for the elephant
Every day's a chore and you're not done yet
You didn't think it'd be this hard

The root's begun, we're a nervous crew
So why're you trying to make it all about you
It's not so bad, it's just a flash of light
Light your hurricane lamp when the sky goes dark
The rain's upset, it just falls apart
You will get your wish, it's just a matter of time
Until you vanish like the rest, out of sight and out of mind
Until you vanish like the rest, out of sight

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"Enola Gay" as written by Conor M. Oberst

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    General Comment^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I know you're trying to relate the whole song to hiroshima but i honestly think it's about dementia and when you vanish out of sight... then it cuts off it's like you have no mind left. the hurricane lamp finding their way in the windy night etc..

    It seems like conor may have a close friend who is hung up on their dementia-ridden relative who is 'all about them' talking about the past/war etc.

    It seems this friend may also be close to conor in the fact that he/she is in a control room (studio) and may have an interest in mashing showtunes with old charles manson tracks... or maybe this is metaphoric in saying that he/she is trying to shine a positive light (showtunes) on a negative old violent person (charles manson).

    Hopefully someone can shine some light on whether or not Conor has a friend who this could be about???
    lucidpromiseon July 10, 2014   Link
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    General CommentIt could be about the distance from which a songwriter communicates with a person or an audience. Enola Gay was the name of the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, and the song seems to be about someone making music, so it could be about how someone can have a huge impact on someone or something without actually being present to talk to them. And also, I think its just about keeping your ego in check, especially when it comes to being in a collaborative effort, like a band. And damn.. Nate Walcott on the Piano in the chorus, he didn't do much on the album, but that's such a great hook! Great Song, Great Album
    SpaceCadet359on July 10, 2014   Link

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