["What have we got here?"
"Pink lemonade... not too sweet, not too sour."
"I think I'm brave enough to try some of that"]

Heaven will burn away if you just keep on calling out it's name.
You seek a key you cannot forge when you are down (oh, so low)
I got a cure, so don't you worry now -
Baby, my recipe is gonna heal your woes.
When the devil's knocking at your door,
Kneel, and I'll pour.

How can you go wrong?
You're off, this lemonade is on!
Well, how can you be strong?
When the devil's on the inside, devil's on the outside in,
And you're falling. You're falling.

I wanna a little taste. This spell is breaking me down.
And ba-, I wanna get na-, ooo!
This body's breaking.
This spell's been breaking me far too long (Breaking me down)
Oh, can you help now? Oh, can you help me now?

Oh, good Lordy! You'll never know -
You'll never know just how it tears me, won't let me go, let me go.
Please just let me go...

I'll take the sweat from your palms, jet fuel ghosts,
TV dinners with kerosene moats.
Well, everybody's racing for that higher plane (to get, get down)
So they can have Christmas magic again.
Wipe the (sweat), slipping away, rattle the cage.
Here come the (jet fuel ghosts)
From the time that I saw my own fuschia-fied dream, they were coming.
(Kerosene moats) would keep my butane in the rotten,
So can you help me darling?
Just help me.

A soul like yours just clutching at straws
Will sip anything from them to bypass a door.
And if you're drenched in fear on my pink lemon shores,
You'll be knock knock knockin' forever more.

So tell me now if you are, 'cause I'm pouring.
Yeah, I'm pouring, and I don't fuck around.

Sour patches too close to the sun
If the mirror's green in the gills
(It's on the tongue of the Brahmatron)
The nest of the wasp is at home
In all four of your chambers.
Fix your eggs with mortar -
A phantom hatchery becomes a larder
When I sense a trinity to fold:
The brave, the sweet, the confidante.
There's a rain of splinters to be wrung.
You drank this shit; now the real fun has only begun!

Even Peter didn't believe that he'd deny the son
It took a rooster to crow before them tears rolled,
And then he truly saw into my cup (into my cup)
And he thought: "This could dissolve all my mental fences
With a vote of confidence in them zona halls."

Heaven will burn away if you just keep on calling out it's name
You seek a key you cannot forge, and you're down, oh, so low.
When you are down, oh, so low.
When you are down, when you are down, oh, so...

Low! Down so low! Down so low! Down so low!
(Oh no, I suddenly feel automatic)
Down so low!

Wake up... Wake up... Come on, big boy. Up you get. Oh, you don't look so good! Come let mommy make it all better. You got the scent? Warmer... Warmer...

Oh, my body's been knocked over: the object of your lust.
I got you all hot and bother: such a pretty little husk.
Oh, wouldn't it be lovely, holding me by your side?
Won't question your taste; won't trouble your mind.
I'm a yummy slice of heaven, boy. I'm just the way you like.

Could I be-? I'll be your tacky ornament or slut.
Your tacky ornament, or...

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