"Chemical Insomnia" as written by and Rob Van Der Loo Arien Van Der Weesenbeck....
Everlasting nights leave all views behind
Limits will become less clear and
A misty memory played out in a dream
This endeavor is causing fear

That's why I can't explain
This is stabbing pain
Come undone in nightly rhyming
It's time for me to roll the dice

Absent sanctity is shifting gravity

Addiction's growing faster, making you go insane
Ivory fangs are smiling, you'll have to break the habit
Imprisonment's appraoching, catching the savages
The mirror's magic showing chemical insomnia

Don't give in to all of this
Dive into ecstatic bliss
Tame the lion that's hiding the need to be free

Waking sunset finds, making restless minds
Wistful moments need enclosure
A new hysteria is fading gravity
Which is slowly taking over

That's why I can't unwind
All thoughts aligned
Floating on rivers that are drying
I fear the beast is rising high

Your intuition's fading, a thumping sound impedes
The daybreak is awaking chemical insomnia

Don't give in to all of this
Dive into ecstatic bliss
Don't you believe what the sands of time see
Tame the lion that's hiding the need to be free
And the monsters that consume your energy
Your barbaric puppets live between the cracks of lies from hate revived
Silver secrets shining through the night
An enslaved fool in search of burning light from medicine contrived
Golden treasures turning off the lights

Forbidden fruit tastes better when it can numb the bran
The outcome of the future is looking quite insane
White bricks and darkened stones are building the fundament
The silence's calling out for chemical insomnia

Don't give in to all of this
Dive into ecstatic bliss
Tame the lion that's hiding the need to be free
And you should not believe what the sands of time see
Free the lion that's hiding your identity

Fight the monsters that consume your entity

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"Chemical Insomnia" as written by Coen J. Janssen Arien Van Der Weesenbeck


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    Song MeaningTo me this is clearly a song about drug dependence, most likely alchohol. As time goes on, the buzz you get from it fades and you need more to achieve the thrill, of which tears your life away, until all that fills your mind is the need to feel free, which leads to restlessness and, to come full circle, a chemical insomnia.
    ImNoDoctorButon February 09, 2015   Link
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    Song MeaningMy Reflection Of This Song Connects To A Shocking Tragedy Happened In SM Mall Of Asia Concert Grounds Where 5 Youths Die An Unexplainable Death Due To The Deadly Temptations Of Shabu,Party Drugs,And Ecstasy(22nd Of May)At A "Close-Up Forever Summer Concert"!But The Lessons Of This Song Is How We Can Give A Message To All The Youth Not To Give Heed To The Fatal And Venomous Temptations Of Drug Dependence And Drug Addiction!Coz If They Do So It Will Lead Them To Die A Slow Yet Fast Death!
    "Fight The Monsters That Consume Your Entity"-For Me Is That Whatever You Struggle With Various Addictions(Drugs,Food,Shopping,Internet,Credit Card,Alcohol,And Guns)Just Fight And Overcome These Demons And Ghosts Which Comes After You And Break Free From It's Shackles!
    JJF94on July 06, 2016   Link
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    Song MeaningEpica has revealed that this song's meaning is just about a person who is dependant to sleeping pills.
    SilverSwanon August 24, 2016   Link

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