We take a bath, we get dressed up, we hit the club for a dance, we shake some hands, get back in my car, we're on the road by 10
I watch the moon turn red, I crank some early Zep, I hear your laughter dawdle behind me, I feel your sick breath on my neck
You hurt me, yeah you did

I bite my tongue, I fix my tie, adjusting my eyes to the moon. Every shadow now perfectly gaping, dressing your face like a wound
Coveting life as a wolf hopelessly selfishly alone. Without your barrell under my chin, I take a good look at your throat
I'm gonna hurt you, yeah I will

I slam my foot on the brakes going eighty, every vacant behind us exploding
I lift your face off the dash, you gurgle and spit then you ask
"Am I the monster you fear in your nightmares or is it the poltergeist seen in your mirror?"
All I can do is laugh for all the youth that we had

I pull the car off the road, I pull you out the window
I drag you through the rugged stones, I hear the cruel snaps in your bones
I ask you if you ever loved me, all you say is "Please."
That's not what I want, that's not what you'll get, I cry while you beg on your knees
I can't forgive you, you won't forgive me

Baby I thought this was it, I thought we'd be better than this
I thought about moonlighting gangsters, some Bonnie and Clyde type of shit
Awful antics aside, I'm chooing a suicide
Gripping my legs, my tears in your hair, I feel our smug faith rob us blind
It's not what I wanted but it's what we deserve

Every angel, in every tear drop, every little ghost that we drank
Screaming for a brief conclusion, a massive plate of blood that we ate
We used to think we were young but now all we are are wolves
We had it coming, with our eager stomachs, I ruined us both over love

Depart from the horror filled nightmares of blood we spilled, out souls we gave to the wind
Depart from the qeres root, your business and leisure suit; turn all your fears to the wind
Scream "Save me, I'm cold"

Depart from the youth we built on summers and horror films, give up our bones to the wind
Depart from our endlessness, our friendly unfriendliness, embers blown out in the wind
If we got 'em, save our souls

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