Chaos at the strike of his heel
Behold the great God of the Sea
commander of tempests and master of elements
Pacing the floor of the Galleon trenches awaiting Alcyoneus
And As the rainfall trembled on frosted leaves
In accordance with premonition, he was beckoned, and confronted by a bastard of soil
A mass of filth, rock, and rotting bone
Protruded from the earth, and called out violently

"Show yourself, Poseidon! Come forth from your hole and bear witness to true divinity!"

"The thralldom of this terrestrial shell is my own, Great Pretender.
Seek vindication, and find demise.
Alas, can you stop the charge of a mountain?
Will you taunt the Ocean, and live to speak its tale of majesty?
All the children of Gaia at my command will cry 'Earthshaker, Earthshaker'!
The quake of my footsteps will stagger the ground."

With fists rivaling the burden of Atlas
The giant took hold of Poseidon
But with a bellow composed of a million storms
He cast open a maelstrom and plunged with his victim, collapsing the sea

Words spew from the beast
And a nova of fire explodes from the earth, engulfing the colliseum
Poseidon wailed in pain as he blistered and boiled but with one final lunge
He pierced the heart of nether now undone
He ripped his spear from the chest of the titan
"Great pretender! You sought revenge, and found demise.

Alas, could you stop the charge of a mountain?
Did you taunt the Ocean, and live to speak its tale of majesty?
All your children at the mercy of my trident at last will cry 'Earthshaker, Earthshaker'!
I summon a kraken to shatter the sky...

Arise, nightmare of the sea, for in the wake of the Gigantomachy, we will seize the throne of Olympus and subjugate the very essence of the vale!"

As the rain falls from the clouds, the council's provoked by the harbinger of treachery
The spawn of Cronos defect to the plight of the Hydromancer
And perched upon his monstrous steed, the canyons of ice marked his path
To sanctify the cosmic order and forge the Helodric Falls

The cosmic order is dead. Olympus.. is dead.
Save for the littering of rain that puddled around them,
the vale was bereft of movement. The vale was bereft of life.
Girded with an army of titans, Poseidon sought to forge the Great falls of Holodra
upon the ashes of his fallen brethren.
His kingdom would forever spill from the sky in mockery of the gods that drowned at his feet.

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