It's not as much a deterioration fact
It's the disease I have which uh, the right eye is blind as you know
And that was done, er, unfortunately as, as a result of a detached retina
And the retina they could never splice together
They tried to seal it together and couldn't
And told me I'd lose my eyesight at that
Y'know, short or long term I would lose it
And unfortunately, the retinal, ah, retinal detachment started in my left eye
My good eye, which I still have today
And it was the result of glaucoma, and a retinal . . .
Not detachment but a retinal . . . er, I don't know what the hell they call it
It's, er . . . that does it
Today, I am what they call legally
Because of this retinal problem and glaucoma
I, I'm what they call . . . legally blind

Today I do not have a fever, I feel about the same as I did yesterday
I, I'm trying to eat a little better, so I can get stronger
(You exercising?)
I'm exercising by just walking around the, around the house
Went out in the yard just Wednesday
(You have a headache?)
No, I don't think I have a headache
(A little dizzy, today?)
Maybe slightly dizzy
(You feel weaker? Or stronger than you did yesterday?)
Just, just overnight I don't seem to be much different over one
Over one night yesterday to today
Takes a little bit longer than that
(Any aches and pains anywhere? Or on when you fell?
Or when you fell on your heater, having your exercise?)
Well, that's the, that's sore, about where I fell on the heater
Here, well I guess here
(Where is that?)
I dunno what you call that
(And does it hurt when you breathe)
[Cough, cough] It hurts a little bit when I breathe in a little deeply
(Do you sleep at all?)
Well if you're asleep you can't tell whether you're asleep

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