Cleansed of flesh and absolved of all deeds
Now our peace will settle all
A myth so dreadful your soul will sag
From the weight it carries
I can hear their dreadful song
Unaware of death as they seek to face
The embrace that once was and all they needed
All will share a carrion fate

Be prepared for multiple deaths
Of all souls as hells rolls on
As hells rolls on the path of light we crumble
Every lamb in all worlds will be slaughtered
Remember back to the earliest curse
The point from which all men did turn
Even man in his infancy stage
He did everything he could to dig his own grave
As he said, ''Suffer through the mist to forge your will and the world will surely come''

Deception our hallmark, our patient, our word
''Sapien'' their word to describe themselves as wise man
Blanket lies to conceal the truth that they we're but only blind men
Lucifer - the bringer of all light bearers
Solemn truth for all
Take - come forth - these sacraments of Braktal O'Minn and all
That the angels came from bastion's gaze of the hot lukewarm calls

Lick the blade but once again
Shed no tears for your fallen kin
And make haste to make proper and join within
The Fold - the legions of the damned (at best)
As we invade the duress of all heaven and the Seraphim's halls
The day as come
The final reckoning of the will of the black and his fallen minions

[Solo - Matt Brown]

And with the heavens now altered and subdued to the powers of us
Well put to use necrologies to conquer earth
Keeping in mind our advantage
We'll toy with them thousands of years

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Exaltations (Part II: The Epitome of Grief) song meanings
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