"Giving Up Everything" as written by and Natalie Merchant....
Giving up everything

my hungry ghost of hopefulness

Giving up everything

not haunted by wanting this

Giving up everything

the fortune I was saving

Giving up everything
I mercy-killed my craving

Giving up everything

I’ve opened up my eyes for this

Giving up everything

see the whole magnificent emptiness

Gave what I want for how it is

for the stone inside and the bitterness

for the sweetness at the core of it

Giving up everything
The master plan, the scheming

Giving up everything

my cursed search for meaning

Giving up everything

the compass and the map I was reading.

The hinterlands I’m leaving
I’m finally leaving behind

Giving up everything

the big to-do, the hullabaloo
The tug-of-war for some twisted truth

For the everlasting ache of it
No longer slave, not chained to it

no gate, no guard, no keeper

no guru, master, teacher

See the slow-receding faces

dissolve to black, no traces

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"Giving Up Everything" as written by Natalie Merchant

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    General Commentazlyrics.com/lyrics/nataliemerchant/…
    Symbolism..1st, she is in a BOX, She gave up Everything. Most people live confined in the societal box of what is correct, and proper.
    An old women with a frown…Notice the back and forth between N
    It is a song giving into the Atheist Case ..ie: Scientific Case-Big Bang theory…
    All of this is an accident…
    Giving up everything,
my hungry ghost of hopefulness.

    (Without God, what hope is there for a better future for our kids)
    Giving up everything,
not haunted by wanting this.

    Giving up everything,
the fortune I was saving. 

    Giving up everything,

    I mercy-killed my craving.

    (Gave into God/Jesus?? My interpritation)
    Giving up everything,
I’ve opened up my eyes for this.

    Giving up everything,
see the whole magnificent emptiness.

    (Double meaning here. 1-Depression after you’ve turned to God, and it did not work out… Pain and suffering in life…everyone has it., 2-God did magnificent work, but Atheist would say, it is all haphazard and by chance…Big Bang…God did not create Humans… We all originated from??)
    Gave what I want for how it is,
for the stone inside and the bitterness,
for the sweetness at the core of it.

    (See the book of Job. He gives into the bitterness, and those who are bitter get off on it, IE Talking trash about others… Job’s family and friend’s turn on him…People turn to anger and depression… and talking about over and over and over again, blaming…. Odly makes them feel better, but not really… it gets them through it)
    Giving up everything,

    the master plan, the scheming.

    (Atheist would say, no master plan, everything is coincidence. No symbols or signs to follow)
    Giving up everything,
my cursed search for meaning.

    (She holds up the baby. Atheist case, no meaning to life. Why bother, nothing is going to change…Our kids pay the price for this apathy that many people have. We live in a Fight with the other side society, where our side is always right… and there is no room for new ideas…It is the way it is… and no one and nothing will change it…)
    Giving up everything,
the compass and the map I was reading.

    (Your heart, the signs and symbols… are the compass… the map? Bible? Heart? These are the things you are reading to ensure you are on the right path…)
    The hinterlands I’m leaving,

    I’m finally leaving behind.

    Giving up everything,
the big to-do, the hullabaloo,
    the tug-of-war for some twisted truth.
For the everlasting ache of it,

    no longer slave, not chained to it,
no gate, no guard, no keeper,
no guru, master, teacher.

    (No God, Nothing… No messages from above… all b.s.. A psychiatrist conversation with Moses, Jesus or Abraham would have been interesting…)
    See the slow-receding faces
dissolve to black, no traces.
    (The facemask shows depression and dispair…Death in the box.. The atheist case would say, everything dissolves to black, no traces… that’s it.. it’s over… Baby to Death…)
    (At the end Natalie caps the heart with glass around it…Think about this, how does that heart work? Who do you think made that? That organ is haphazard? The brain? Skin? Blood vessles…What makes the heart go?)
    I have followed my heart in my life… I’ve been on both sides of the belief… Trust me, there is something out their greater than us…
    Obviously, the music is meaningful in different ways… but I’ve followed Natalie from 10,000 maniacs to now… and God is in the music often… Trust me… This is the Athiest / No God / Depression case… Nothing means anything.. Why bother…Remember the baby?? Who came 1st, the mommy and daddy? Or the baby... If you can answer that question with out involving a higher power, you are lying to your self… No baby would survive on it’s own…So, a fish, came out of water and takes care of a baby… What? Big Bang theory is bunk. Natalie believes in a higher power, so do I. She is symbolically trying to get a point across.
    wek1998on May 17, 2014   Link
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    General CommentNatalie is, as far as I can see, in a literal closet here, though that may just be a stylistic choice for the shooting of the video. It looks like quite literally an old plaster walled closet.

    What I find most interesting is the way the video interplays with the lyrics and the choices for what is sung and what is heard. Even the audio is clearly on different tracks giving the illusion that you have two separate identities speaking to one another.

    There's a lot of speech in this song about what she is giving up, even though there is no distinct statement of why, it feels like it is a protective response.

    "I mercy killed my craving."

    "I've opened up my eyes for this. See the cold magnificent emptiness. Give what I want for how it is, for the stone inside and the bitterness."

    It very much feels like a song that is about a hard acceptance of a pragmatic worldview that conflicts with the ideals that she held as a younger woman.
    ncc74656mon April 23, 2015   Link

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