All rise for me
All rise for me, all eyes on me, watch my progression, court is in session
Can't nobody stop my flow as if you didn't know
All eyes on me
All rise for me, all eyes on me, watch my progression, court is in session
I've been doing it for sometime, came back to blow your mind

Court is in session, I'm the judge, jury and the prosecution, my words 'cause minor contusions
Ain't no need for confusion, I'm here to stay, me and this rap game's going together like fusion
I wanna talks of Illuminati, when I let you know ladies was first, and screamed "Give Me Body"
I was dedicated to the party touring overseas, spreading our culture to different nationalities
Burn MC's like calories what ya need to do is pay homage, it makes no sense to challenge me
Like I said diss me on wax I'll react violently it'll happen when you least expected, silently
If it ain't rough I can do without it and some of ya'll MCs in hip-hop just making the game crowded
Let's play a little game of elimination or detonation, separate the whack like segregation.


You know I'm top choice, stay on my piece, you ain't a rapper you just play one on TV on radio and CD
Acting like you wanna see me, but really shit can get hot and steamy
Check out my whole unit roll, these new kids should study my scripts like the dead sea scrolls
My M.O, I'm in the back of the stretch land-cruise limo made custom with ya dollar discussin'
This year I ain't trying to hear nothing so I'm back to wreak havoc like El Niño, winds blow, clouds, thunder spin the earth off its axis
Me slash rapper, slash actress, slash if you try to front , get yo ass kicked, we use P.O.W. torture tactics
Don't try to get at this, my friend, I feel pleasure in your pain like S & M
I should bronze my pen, this year we hanging platinum, hits I'm stackin' em,
classics for me is automatic, i keep' em hitting in the attic,
ladies rock to this, fellas on the floor grab yo' crotch to this, watch my progression, court is in session.


Flood the interest, pay attention to every sentence, all rise for me, all eyes on me,
Send a shout out of respect to all my people living, check the check it's gonna be alright
I rule in favor of the unit with the flavor, we make moves that's major, your style common like a pager,
And we don't need that feedback, keep that, i know your crew is off the hook, we off the meat rack
See that, I know you wanna be like us real, already we that, you can't be that, believe that,
Make you jump out ya gators and boots, sweat your linen suits, who winning, my records on the table spinning,
All our pocket's getting fat while you thinning, you can't fade us we've been hot since the beginning,
Put yo' hands in the air even if you hate us, we mastered our profession, court is in session.


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