we knew we were gonna get stopped as soon as we saw the cop
he pulled out after us and he followed us for a block or two
until he found that excuse to turn his lights on

there were no warrants out on us
no, all of us were clean
we talked about busting out a deck of cards to show them we were at ease
and to show them we weren't afraid of the police

me and greg were up front and i guess we looked pretty tough
it was cold out the heater was broken, we had our hats on our hoods up
and they blinded us with their lights
and took our ids back to run them

but we were playing it cool
we knew that we'd be okay
that's why we were surprised when they came back with their guns
and took our friends away

"put your hands where we can see 'em. your friends are coming with us."

they seemed to have a good reason
but they didn't say what that reason was

they drove off into traffic and we tried to follow them
we got lost and we found a cop and said
"where's the station at?"
we walked in and said "what can we do to set loose our friends?"

the cop just laughed at me and he said "your friends are fucked.
we're gonna ship them back to indiana. you guys are out of luck"
i guess some things we thought were buried had got dug up

we went back to the parking lot and we sat in the van
frankie said "tour sure is a roller coaster"
i said "fuck you, they took hannah and sam, and we can't leave without them.
not if there's a chance. we'll spend the night.
we'll go to court in the morning and if they don't get out, at least
we'll say goodbye."

after a scary night of sleeping in the van
we stumbled into the courtroom at eight or nine am
they brought them in, chained together, and sat them on a bench

there was a guy there for shooting at a house
and a guy there for selling crack
he said that he mailed all the money to his family in haiti
yeah, none of it was for him
when he finally got to them the judge just mumbled something
that ended in "dismissed"

our friends were free
everything was alright
we were still on tour
and we had a show that night

we made it there on time
not many people came
and i can't really say
it's the best the show we ever played

but we played together
and we slept beside each other on the floor
and that night
i wouldn't have wished
for anything more

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