Crumbled kingdom
Dead piece of life
With nothing left to burn or kill inside

Dark trembling monsters
Surrounding me
Elusive shadows flowing through the air

I swallow all
As my lungs burn
Crawling, bleeding searching for a pulse

So far from the eyes of God
Mud stained martyred body
So far from careless happiness

Pulling out the tool
Of frantic devastation
In a ditch dying lonely like a whore

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    My InterpretationMost their songs I interpret quite literally so I thought I would give a crack at looking at this from a less literal point of view.

    Let's assume that this song is actually about a "kingdom" (country). The band is Polish, and Poland has a quite recent history of fighting for their independence (from the Germans to the Russians trying to claim sovereignty over them). So could the song be about Poland?

    The first verse could be describing the economic hardship that is hitting Poland (and a lot of Europe) recently. The EU has allowed for a lot of young Poles to leave for greener pastures in other EU nations (e.g. UK, Germany).

    The second verse could be looking at the history of Poland, as both Germany and Russia (USSR) encircled the country and shared borders.

    The third could be describing that no matter the hardship many Poles will continue to live and breath for their country .. they will give it a pulse again.

    The last two seem to again deal with the hardship of life and that it has not crawled out of the ditch yet.

    Whether this interpretation is true with the band is another matter, but either way this song takes a dark and bleak view at the subject matter (something that may make it hard for us to truly identify their meaning as our views may not be so pessimistic in the same situation).
    sokornyon April 12, 2016   Link
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    My InterpretationPaints a picture of someone broken, torn, lonely and very sad in their life. Doesn't really offer any explanation for why they feel this way though ... which makes it harder for me to empathise with the song.
    sokornyon April 12, 2016   Link

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