sanctified vagabond speaking pon tings
praise be to king of the fringe but nah go 'head
gonna take up in the mountain like two mountain dread
staple nosh out, rocking that cold fish and bread
babylon in my vein, gotta shake that out my system
dip down, get flat, smack the floor
28 days on tour, the civil in me dwindle
rekindle the hooligan conspiracy addict
sporadic bouts of murderous thought
fully qualified loon shaking a fist at the moon
scolding notes of protest to the MI-5
screaming "What makes thee, keep files on me?"
Just because I break the twigs off the sycamore tree
place them in some water and we sit once and see
transmit to transmit, frequencies
utilities of the green matter mass
way past the dust, the dust ash to ash
(way past the dust, the dust ash to ash)


gorgon father stepping out the place pure vibal
hippie gang tribal, praise no idol
penetrate maths in the valley for cash
.22's we flash, flee this place
valley too creepy, steal my grace
i'm check-checking, roots wrecking, a leaper hardstepping
warming up the arts of a devil-cold pen
folks embrace when my band enter
warm and easy kicking style to your sensor
i spread my span, i'm rich with urch tips
we makes like we slick, lord knows that we slick but
these brands are stickies of an acquired yearn
we cushion the ill, as babylon churn
too gripping two rhyme flips like misers to money
slap two blackjacks but we shun gin rummy
we's, hardsteppa, we grooves in our step and
we, we nah keep no frowsy for friend
we, we were never victims of trends

Feeling The Sea

for those dressed in the ital mold
volume the bold, let it be told
it's old hat classical max
back to front word stunt, toe punts in tough corners
no breeze in my sauna, freeform brain stormer
dawn a dawn dawning, i see the morning
i hear the calling, yeah
some of them are liquid and
some of them are freaky and
some of them stay frigid and
some of them stay kinky
in the grip of skid valley there ain't that much love
just the need to exist by any which means
frauds in my midst never trusted my shit
now them sick frogs, they eat from my shit
struggler, keep bubbling on
struggler, keep bubbling on

Feeling The Sea

(Ital Visionary)

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