[Artimus] It was raining again. I walked the drenched city streets alone as I did every night, searching for something to fill the void inside of me, this emptiness of the soul that I couldn’t explain and that I could never seem to fill. It kept me restless, on edge. At times it seemed to be the only thing driving my existence.

Even at this late hour, the city was still churning with people and machines and the sounds of their industry. On the sidewalk, the neon glow of pulsating billboards and street lights glimmered on the concrete. Up ahead a shuttle sat idling, a long line of figures slowly shuffling aboard. Through grime-coated windows I could see passengers already seated inside, staring out vacuously into the night.

Among those in line, I saw a young woman standing silently with her face tilted away from me. The tattoo on her temple, the letter ‘M’ inside a crescent, marked her as a Synthetic, the product of a leading technology corporation. But that wasn’t what drew my attention. Something about her posture, the curve of her cheek, and the way her hair hung about her face made me stop in my tracks. She looked so vulnerable, so lonely, standing there amongst those shrouded figures in the falling rain.

The incessant hustle and buzz of the city seemed to ebb away, and suddenly, everything was silent, still, like I’d stepped into my own reality. In this moment, the Synthetic was all I could see.

The line edged forward, and the moment was gone. The Synthetic turned her back as she prepared to enter the shuttle, and others shuffled across to obscure my view. I started moving my feet again, and trying to wipe some of the rain out of my eyes. I glanced back over my shoulder once, but the Synthetic had already boarded the shuttle and was nowhere to be seen.

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