It's Christmas Eve, and no snow's falling down.
I'm all alone, no there's no one around.
Can't pay my bill, 'cause I lost my job
I've still got power, but my internet's off.

I hate this world, but I love this new seed.
I spawn in a forest with snow on the floor,
Could this be the Christmas I was searching for?

My mates went away, and they didn't invite me.
My parents aren't dead, no, they just don't like me!
But with two blocks of snow and a pumpkin together,
I made a friend who'll be with me forever,
'Cause it's a

Minecraft, Christmas time!
Chillin' with my buddy
Even though I'm offline
There's a whole world of joy and cheer!
That's a very very very merry Christmas
You're having this year!

We built our house,
Well, it's more of a shack
I got the wood and
He's got my back.
He throws his balls at the mobs so unruly.
I deck the halls with this lapis lazuli!

We ventured out, just my snowman and me
We found a sapling for a christmas tree!
(Christmas tree!)
We went back home, so happy and gay,
No, wait, I meant that in the old-fashioned way!

Well, we had a roast chicken,
'Cause the game has no turkey.
We made mashed potatoes
From the squid that's so derpy!
But the furnace was hot,
And when I awoke I found,
Sixteen little snowballs lying there on the ground!
It's a

Minecraft Christmas time!
Nothing seems cheery since my buddy has died.
There's a whole world of pain and fear.
It's a very very very bad Christmas I'm having this year!

There goes my phone, it's a text from my dad.
(Merry Christmas, son)
An early gift, he got my internet back!
I pop on the server, all my friends are online.
Turns out they've been waiting for me all of this time.

I spawn in the world, and what do I see?
A snowman party for my homies and me!
Exchanging gifts and dancing without a care!
Me and my snowman, we're walking in the air,
It's a

Minecraft Christmas time!
Chillin' with my buddies, everyone is online.
There's a whole world of joy and cheer!
It's a very very merriest Christmas
That's a very very nice Christmas
We're having this year!
(Be a shame if something were to happen to it)

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