"Glass Hearts" as written by and Austin Carlile Aaron Pauley....

These are the hardest four years of my life
They walk right by me heads turned with closed eyes
They don't even see me
At night in my house, I'm still all alone.
This is not a home they don't even see me.

The scars on my body, they don't even bleed.
I never do this for me.
The scars on my body, they don't even bleed.
I only do this for you to see.

How am I supposed to
See through your eyes?
When you never the stars
Were falling at your feet.

Is it a song? Is that what they need?
For so long I've tried to get them to hear me.
Picking and stabbing their words feel like knives.
Tearing and ripping the seams of my life.

I've tried to convince them, their words hurt like stones
I just wish they'd just leave me alone

I am on my knees
I need you to hear me.
I am on my knees
Hear me, please

How am I supposed to
To hear what you hear
When you never heard sounds
Of our glass hearts breaking
With every tick of the clock when you are


How am I supposed to
See through your eyes?

I know what you've been through, this hell is my life
You have to keep pushing, I've seen through your eyes
Your days are like pages, the chapters unread
You have to keep turning your book has no end

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"Glass Hearts" as written by Alan Ashby Aaron Pauley

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    My InterpretationI think this song is about getting through your teen years, "these are the hardest four years of my life" aka high school. The feeling of being home and feeling like you don't belong there. Everyone putting you down and not listening to you and just being ignored. You just have to keep pushing through because in the end it gets better. The last verse of the song is Austin giving a connection to the audience by saying he knows how we feel and he understands this life. My favorite song off the new album and my favorite band<3
    broken_and_imperfecton March 15, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationImo, this song deals with battling depression or any similar mental ill ess. (I say this is a song abiut BPD -- borderline personality disorder) the flow of the song is the best thing about it followed by the brilliant lyrics. At first you feel the rage and angst someone with a mental condition feels, being frustrated with something that you have no control over, battling your own self and the lonliness it brings.

    The last verse is just the icing, after sounding and feelig angry in thw majority of the song, it then gives those lines that are always inspiring to hear, and surprisingly on something heavy like this.

    I love this song, it has saved me more than I could count.
    synthaxeon September 28, 2015   Link

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