"Suffering" as written by and Adam Granofsky....
In the cold, the wait, you come, you gave me
In a way you come to make it alright
I was here in the world, it's the world that you gave me
Every time

You can say that you're running
'Cause I can go back on the street
Why be here when we're both gonna fake it anyway

No more try to hear killing your goal
Means I can be bigger than the tones
In the moments of suffering

Like the feeling that you gave me
Like a snowflake through the fire, babe
I'll be frozen in time but you'll be here

Will you be here suffering?
Will you be here suffering?
Well, I hope to be

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"Suffering" as written by Adam Granofsky

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    My InterpretationTo me this about a failed relationship, but also the acceptance of it. In the beginning he speaks about the dysfunctional cycle of it. How she comes and goes while he waits- in the coldness of loneliness. In a way when she comes-she makes it alright again for a while until she's gone again. And it's the world that she gave him, that cycle. He revolves around it and her. When she returns everything is alright again but really they're both just faking it, suppressing the suffering just to be in each other arms for just a moment, every time. He knows she'll run away again and he'll be left wandering the streets-lost. Every time this reuniting happens, they both know they're lying to each other, like putting a band aid on a gunshot wound. It won't work. The definition of insanity, doing the same things but expecting different results. Toward the end of the song- in his loneliness, he's reflecting on his suffering and realizing that there's nothing left to avoid, theres no more running. this is his truth, this is the end. And hes decided to sit with that, those moments of agony. He knows thats his fate and the only way to get out of suffering is by facing it. She can go off and continue to run and avoid with other lovers, and indulge in behaviors thats going to supress these feelings for awhile. These same things that we have all indulged in to mask our own suffering. Until eventually it all comes up again, which it always will until were brave enough to face them and then finally accept them. When he says, he'll be here frozen in time, i think thats when the acceptance comes in. When he finally makes the decision to stop running away from the truth and face it. That takes time, healing is a journey and it takes so long that it almost feels as if your frozen in it. Only he knows its the sole way out of suffering, while she'll be here suffering and running away from the suffering, he'll be here, suffering, facing, accepting, where he hopes to be.
    satsaystalkon December 01, 2014   Link
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    General Commentbeautiful song, on a perfect record
    Jestoon425on March 18, 2014   Link

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