Revive the summer at dusk
I’ll run fast leave you in the dust and know
The soul that I pass on the street cannot
Let me or the cheating defeat you

If I claim the sole regret
I love only enough to accept and
I’ll be smile-less and sick in your eyes until
Death or the dragging of time
I chose misery over dispute
I’ve whispered and walked on eggshells just to
Choose misery over dispute
Choose misery over dispute

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Misery Over Dispute song meanings
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    My Interpretation"ill be smileless and sick in your eyes until death or the dragging of time": being so hurt about the state of a relationship and the way one has been treated over and over again, unhappy after being pained.
    "whispered and walked on eggshells just to choose misery over dispute": where you have cared so much for someone elses feelings who has also been so hurt that you don't want to keep hurting them, so you walk on eggshells for things to be ok...but in the end comes to the point where you feel u have to just make an unfair choice, and have to just walk away which brings misery, to avoid more arguing and fighting: dispute. doing all that walking on eggshells just to have to choose something miserable u dont want, just to avoid the dispute.
    feelzon May 24, 2014   Link

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