"Time Of Ye Life"

You know, I like to say something else to you
Before I lose my train of thought.

I don't care what anybody tells you, anybody!
If they tell you, you can't do something because you're hurt,
Or that you can't be good enough to do something
And your mother and dad will never tell you that,
But if someone else does,
You remember something.
Anything, I don't care what it is,
If you really believe that you can do it
And you believe in it enough,
And you honestly believe it,
You can do it if you want to.

They told me I can never jump a can,
I'm gonna jump so far over, you can't believe it.
I'm not only want it there and I own it, it's mine, I bought it
There's nothing you can do for, I wanna do it better.

And when you get fed up with life,
Do yourself a favor,
Take a piece of paper
And put down on one side
All the good things you think about life
And all the good things you have,
Start with your parents
And your brothers, and sisters, friends.
And all the things you have:
Bicycle, car, go kart, everything,
And then you turn it over
And write down on the other side of that piece of paper
All the bad things you got,
Like Johnny down the street
You don't like or whatever
And you're gonna find that the good
Outnumber the bad by so much
That you don't even have to pay attention to the bad
Because you got so much good goin' for you.

That's what I do everytime I kinda
Feel downhearted or I'm hurted,
I do that with the piece of paper
And it works for me...

You know what? I get up every morning...
I got signs posted all over my wall.
Got one at my bedroom,
One at the bathroom,
One at the hallway,
Says: "today is gonna be the best day of your life, smile."
Sometimes you have to help yourself through that.

You kids, if you have trouble doing things,
You wanna study, you wanna be a certain way,
You wanna create the temperament about yourselves,
Start right now and do it.

Put up signs that say:
"Smile at everybody."
"Today is gonna be a good day in my life."
"I'm gonna have fun."
"I'm gonna do this better or that better."

I tell you something,
You're only gonna be here one time
In life as we know it so
Get the most out of it 'cause you can.

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