"Seasons (Waiting on You)" as written by and Samuel Thompson Herring William Cashion....
Seasons change, and I tried hard just to soften you
The seasons change, but I've grown tired of tryin' to change for you
Because I've been waiting on you
I've been waiting on you
Because I've been waiting on you
I've been waiting on you

As it breaks, the summer awaits
But the winter washed whats left of the taste
As it breaks, the summer awaits
But the winter craved whats lost
Crave whats all gone away

People change, even though some people never do
You know when people change
They gain a piece but they lose one too
Because I’ve been hanging on you
I’ve been waiting on you
Because I've been waiting on you
I've been hanging on you

As it breaks, the summer awaits
But the winter washed whats left of the taste
As it breaks, the summer awaits
But the winter craved whats lost
Crave whats all
Crave whats all gone away

'Cause I've been waiting on you

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"Seasons (Waiting on You)" as written by Samuel T. Herring Gerrit Welmers

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Seasons (Waiting on You) song meanings
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    Song MeaningMEANING:
    This song is about GOOD & EVIL and how it relates to a two person love relationship.

    Person A) Winter/Evil/Pain/Darkness
    Person B) Summer/Loving/Sun

    The best example for this song is on youtube from the David Letterman show, Seasons Change". SEARCH: "David Letterman - Future Islands: Seasons (Waiting On You)"

    Winter loves Summer & Summer accepts Winter as "Seasons Change" is sung with a positive tone and background chord progressions. He mostly plays the role of Winter, and goes back and forth from Summer is is positive towards winter, and Winter loves summer, but as Winter gets closer, summer is threatened by Winter and resists or retreats from Winter.

    The true meaning and passion of the song is realized, as the singer transforms or is possessed by the Winter/Evil. This happens in a very powerful and exaggerated manner at 2:09min, & at 3:09min when he sings in a very deep altered voice of Evil/Winter. A very altered Devil / Satan voice, starts "because I've been hanging on you", he wasn't actually waiting on you, you see he was "weighing" and "hanging on you".

    (Good/Love/Happiness) & Winter (Evil/Sorrow/Sin/Darkness) moves with the pattern of the song. Count it in 4/4 to make it easier, it is in classic AABA format, which is Chorus, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus. The bridge is where the end of the battle is and the last cHORUS is the victory lap if you will, the celebration of destroying summer, and now craving another Summer to destroy.

    This gets exaggerated even more at 3:09 when the lyrics are actually changed from "But the winter will crave what has gone"
    "Will crave what has all"

    slurred into; "We crave what's dark" which actually means what the lyrics actually say which is "will crave what's gone". This is another show of evil winning, because initially evil was waiting for you, which you associate with summer because of the song pattern, but it is actually waiting for winter, and now (in the end of the song) it craves making summer gone. In the song the listener is made to replace the positive feeling towards the Sun/Summer to the positive feeling of embracing the destruction of Sun/Summer and to crave what's dark/Winter.

    Conclusion - Resolution
    Finally winter overtakes summer, and in the end Winter actually loves the "taste" and feeling of destroying Summer, Not loving Summer & loving Summer is no longer important IT DOES NOT CRAVE WHAT'S GONE "as it craves what's dark" 3:09. IT CRAVES MAKING SUMMER GONE "DARK". because seasons change. The final line of the song is a call to the next victim. "I've been waiting on you", is the call for another person, another Summer to destroy. because "Seasons Change". There is always another Summer.

    This song is great, and it is sung & acted out beautifully by the lead singer. He has the singing and acting talent of a true Opera singer with the edge of death and metal.

    Anyone that has experienced love at any time in their lives where things started to change or go south in the other persons mindit was not reciprocated will be. Most people always have sin or evil somewhere in the back of their mind, often times in unhealthy relationships, but also in sex, food, drugs, etc..

    Like many/most great songs, one must listen to the way the words are sung in order to obtain their meaning. It is not so much that the song is about celebrating evil, rather it is the clear illustration that if love is not returned then the love of destroying the opposing (summer) is what replaces the initial love of summer.
    cravethefutureon March 25, 2014   Link
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    Song MeaningThis song is about two people in a long-time romantic relationship which has lost the spark because of the imperfections in the lovers, and what will happen if they break up.

    The first part is clear in the first and 2nd stanzas:
    1st - I've grown tired trying to soften you / I've grown tired trying to change for you.
    2nd - I've been waiting on you / I've been weighing on you

    The singer is not placing blame on the other, but simply recognizing the difficulty of the situation and that the flame has died for both.

    The chorus supports this further, and uses some very interesting imagery to suggest that as the relationship falls apart ("as it breaks"), they will experience a reminder of the love they once shared ("the summer will wake") but that it may not be enough to rekindle the flame to survive through the hard times if they stay together ("the winter will wash what is left of the taste").

    The singer then recognizes that after the relationship ends, there will be a peace ("the summer will warm"), however, there will also be longing to be together again ("the winter will crave what is lost").

    The song ends with a plea to the beloved ("I've been waiting on you") to recognize the problem and hopefully solve it.
    EventHon March 27, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI believe this is about waiting for someone to come around or change to what you want/expect them to. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. Sometimes they don't change until after you give up waiting for them - and that is what they lose (3rd line, 3rd stanza)
    cheesesteakon March 06, 2014   Link
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    General CommentAll you have to say is GENIUS! Absolutely f'ing amazing.. when you can write lyrics this powerful with very few words is when you can see how talented someone is.. I realize it's just my opinion but, I'm NOT seeing a lot of writing of this caliber in any genre of music.. this sh!t is mind bending and the music that accompanies it makes you feel the whole experience of mind body and soul.. this latest album is hands down the best music I have heard in over a decade. It's THAT good!!
    vdoggieon March 31, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationI interpret this song to be about the frustration the singer feels when he's caught in the slipstream between "Seasons" of his favourite TV programmes. His frustration is further channeled due to the ever changing storylines when a new Seasons commences.

    A great song, which perfectly captures the frustration of waiting for a new Season to start and then chiding the producers for the vagaries of that show.
    Yorkshireon October 05, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI feel this song is post break up. He is trying to reminder her of what they once had together. She has moved on (people change) but he has not (some never do)

    The seasons refer to the longing in his head for the time they were together. Sometimes its easy to move on (like the hope of summer) sometimes he is right back to where it ended (in the cold of winter) but deep inside he remains hopeful (I've been waiting on you)

    Awesome song!
    RAWHEADon November 28, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI don't have an alternate suggestion, but I really doubt the word is "war", in
    "As it breaks, the Summer war".
    bearealmanon March 06, 2014   Link
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    General CommentLove themed song. About giving up finally after long time of waiting.
    Also might be about loosing a friend, a close one.
    Afsaroselion March 22, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationThis song will always be, to me, about loving someone with (seasonal) depression. You might try to change or "soften" them, or even change your own habits to try to accommodate them, but it might not be enough. Maybe you don't know what to do except to wait. And in the meantime, you're worried that even though "summer awaits," the bad months before that point will have "washed what's left of the taste" of your love. And all you can do is wait, and try to hang onto the person you love, and both hope and fear that they will change.
    augustsunon April 09, 2016   Link
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    Song MeaningIt has been said that a woman marries a man hoping he will change, while a man marries a woman hoping she will never change. This song is about the end of such a relationship. The Summer of the relationship is the time of warmth, peace and companionship. The Winter is the time of coldness to each other, and the memory of Summer only brings more pain with the realization of what has been lost and can't be recovered. Spring rarely comes twice to a couple.

    The man had tried to change, but in the end it only led to a sense of frustration and failure. It is not his fault. At least not all of it. I have lived this.
    Mah1yon May 06, 2016   Link

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