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I could eat the road and everyone on both sides waving no help
Give em that lost McDonalds smile down in the fallout cloud
See my name up in the cobs, city lights through the broken windows in my eyes
Back through the walls hiding from the newspaper in everyone's refrigerator
Rotting meat needs to swim again in every spirit world
In oversized trench-coat people conduct they business unable to pick a phone
Lightning strikes in Bethlehem Pennsylvania, I've no were to put it
No one protecting my self-savior
Savor the minute minutes later you're invited to somethings bag
No imagination left, a one handed child dragged a beaten doll downtown
In uncomfortable clothes trying to look natural
In the rear-view city, scream no one even hears you
You don't talk anymore but have a voice
There's nothing ugly that isn't ugly except being breathless, except loveless
That's not going away any time soon
Maybe in the next life you'll be dead with no sports team
Alliance to people who can't love you
Me versus the world
Trying being born outside, bored with your eyes closed and count money
While bodies count body cells and missing months of bodies
Lots of places to be afraid of in this life like your own skin
Over a shadow that might not be there tomorrow

Maybe in Boston the hotel pen explodes
I'd walk with the constitution or stand to be corrected
Pressing one finger to the other finger
Time doesn't stop, the phone don't ring, and no little girl can hide behind your legs and give you lucky pennies
Or indeed unlucky not for being born in the first place
Never eating Christ, hogs, fruits and berries
The unimportance of creativity, the essence of your being
Not a Gap catalog cutout with a dollar for a mouth
Petty candy for friends, the kind that stick around at the right time
What's not to miss outside the litter box?
Whoever keeps pissing on bathroom seat before I sit down
Undercooked the city like hash browns, cook neck the steak
It's like we don't all get burned to the tv fuzz around the chin of a gargantuan three year old
Swallowing the city with my teeth as a comb and my hands as grenades
When they cut my hands off I'll feeling nothing for all it's worth

You're lucky if the only person you can talk to is yourself, or more if you don't hate everything, you love nothing
Or yourself too much to notice and not enough to care
Hey talk kid, can't he talk?
They can't blame you, you ruined everything when you were born

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