Never driven by purpose living out my medical scars
In a prison of walls vertical fall
Words can't leave quick enough, bullets getting chased
Sometimes a second chance stare you in the face, it's too late
Animal caught in a pot, you don't wanna be food but you is so don't fight the flesh
Is the instant you gone to some place supposedly better, as if blinking out of time is better
Not thinking about blinking out not even for a second
You never know where you'll go until you can go
So before you go get baptized by a 40 once
Body walks the halls of Valhalla without a master card, you'll live forever
Penitent in a penitentiary pretending to be lost pill in the pharmacy
You were klonopin, wanna know where the time goes
Demons onto him, it just spawned em wings and only diving from the awning
It's red dawn and it ain't even morning
But you dreaming like you could wake up
You can't stop life from being hellish
Can't stop greedy madmen from being presidents
I'm paranoid, sing it to the dead kids of Babylon
And that old word is taking on new meanings
In this new age I'm taking old beatings, taking out leaders, waking up bleeding
Crime thick don't think I need to stop reading
They taking meetings but the place ain't even for me
I belong in an rpg aimed at Wall Street
Who follows buzzards to the source?
Carcasses throw carcasses remember the stomach or either pass on down the family line
That's feces if you believe in reincarnation

This old world don't need hope, I need ropes to climb out of the jar
Shatter the walls we got gold for fools, no balls or fuel
Driving on "e" until the next ice age, caveman holding tools
Might just wear the damn things when the time comes
I'll begin to end the damn thing
Sunder the armor I'm a farmer under the sun
Wonder where the grain went
Rappers are laborers under a pun and they can't get shit, votes, jokes or all quotes themselves in ordinary sentences
I'm talking bout biz, talking bout a house and kids, time was closing in
Like the bees is dying, no flowers left in the year 2012
Ain't nobody need help, everybody need friends
And to me, entering in the cold war, exiting in the hot lava life my just suck you dry
If you're a thinking man, stop thinking and prepare
I'm outta here, but you can find me puttin' bullets in the stratosphere

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This Old World Don't Need Hope song meanings
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