I’m a GL*

Verse 1
I’m a green lantern, like guy gardner,
A gnewtian is my pal, G’nort is my partner,
We protect the whole universe,
And in our spare time we like to converse,
On being superheroes with our power rings,
In a league of our own, like dave bing,
Sorry for the lecture, im the earths protector,
2814 is my sector, like john stewart and alan scott,
Hal Jordan, kyle rayner, and even sodam yat,
And the guardians are the leaders, they’re about the same height as a meter,
To be a chosen one, you must have willpower,
Always on your guard from hour to hour,
I’m sorry to say this but it’s the truth,
Evil doers watch out, were coming for you

2nd Hook*4
We’re the GL Corp, want some more,
We’ll stop all evil and light the show

Verse 2
We have Argus, Kilowog, Adam, and Salaak,
Arisia, Sodam Yat, Want to bring it back?
We got Chip, Guy, Kyle, and Natu,
Green Man, Tomar, you know them too,
Mogo, Alia, Jade, and adam,
Catma, Buddika, you’ve got to have them,
Abin-Sur, Galius and G’nort,
Being a GL is a pretty good sport,
A pretty big corp, 7200 strong,
Until something really bad went wrong,
Hal Jordan, turned to parallax,
Kyle Rayner had to bring him back,
And the corp too, you know what it do,
Oa had to start over anew,
And then something else happened too,
Hal Jordan stopped being a GL,
He became the specter, bid you farewell,
But still he is one of the greats,
He was a super friend too, do you remember the dates?

2nd Hook

Verse 3
Emerald crusaders, bring out the sabres,
Use your ring, youre the creators,
Defeat kan-ja-ro , yo, way to go,
Now to beat the sinestro corp,
We have to beat him down, down to the ground,
And send him back to his home town,
Restrained with fetters, please take his ring,
He works by fear, this guy is insane,
We should beat him with a cane,
But the GL Corp will say its not humane,
Punishment like that could ruin his brain,
So we’ll be easy on sinestro,
And be the same way to his yellow corp,
But as you know they are brutal,
If they caught us, then we’re dead for sure,
Sorry to digress, from this mess,
But we keep the peace, like a parakeet,
That emerald ring, it is unique,
Appa ali apsa, you are petite,
And that the truth, you know what it do

2nd hook

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