"I Can't Live Without My Radio (LLCool J cover)" as written by Rick Rubin and James Todd Smith....
Well my radio, believe me, I like it loud
I'm the man with the can that can rock this crowd
I'm kicking' down the street to the hardcore beat
While my JVC vibrates the concrete
I'm sorry if you can't understand
Why I need a radio inside my hand
I don't mean to offend the other citizen
When I kick my volume way past 10
My story's rough, my neighborhood is tough
But I still sport gold and I'm out to crush
My name is Kool K, I devastate the show
But I couldn't survive without my radio

When I touch that dial you'll be a mess
I might step into your face and rip off your neck
See people can't stop me, neither can the police
I'm a musical maniac to say the least
Well I'm a rockin' the neighbors with my heavy bass
I keep the suckas in fear by the look on my face
My radio's bard from the Boulevard
I'm a hip-hop gangster and my name is Todd
Stimulated by the beat, bust out the rhyme
I get a fresh batteries if it won't rewind
Cos I play everyday, even on the subway
I woulda got a summons but I ran away
I'm a leader of the show keepin' you on the go
But I know I can't live without my radio

Well that's right don't try to funk or move
As you become motivated by the funky groove
I make the woofers wallop and your tweeters twitch
Some jealous knuckleheads might try to dis
But it's nuthin', keep ya frontin', ya girl I'm struttin'
My radio's a loud enough to keep you kruntin'
Shakin' down boogie down and rock
As you become motivated by my musical plot
And to expand my musical plan
Dominator, rock the beat with your hand

Care to command the hiphop land
I'm kickin' live with a box inside my hand
I'm a leader of the show keepin' you on the go
But I just can't live without my radio

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I Can't Live Without My Radio (LLCool J cover) song meanings
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