Don't call, don't ask, don't think you know where this comes from
True loves waits in a fetal position down by the dumpster
Nobody knows the trouble I've seen, limos in the shop
Shipwrecked in limbo stabbing game only good for holes
And I wanna go down, down to where the plastic bunnies occur and act natural
The akashic record spins over the tv fuzz my alter ego like a one man sweatshop, never let them see me sweat
Just collect my ash after springtime has it's way with us
Last man on the playground when the bomb it, and nobody wanted to play with us
Just make my arms dance one last time so I can pull the wool off, soak up the amniotic fluids
Good for the skin, bad for the dolphins, trophies for the dunderheads
I can't stop, it's a co-dependent death wish

He's just a shell of a shell with nowhere to hide, nothing to hide from
One man's career that's another man's tantrum, another man's death wish
They made boredom popular
So I'll never get to tell the world to eat my dust and throw me a mango while I ride for you
Lost myself in my work even forgot I had needs
Achieved cult status now there's more people to please
So many people I wanna kill but that's too much of a commitment
More disappointment is my expectations, like sanity is worth saving
Of course I forget what you say but I'm always listening
If I had a heart I'd give it
It's not that I don't believe you, it's that I no longer trust you and that shakes me
Made the mistake of thinking accomplishing goals brings satisfaction
Truth is getting over self is the only goal worth sticking to
Words may contradiction but actions don't
Too bad you feel the need to tear our friends to shreds to make it in the popularity contest
While Satan's pilgrim modeling agency wants me to give them hell for free
The bad luck festival carries on without you
Pitifully pinned starry eyed and wreckless, now that's love
People ruin lives, every girl I've ever been with that a boyfriend
But then again all your friends are your enemies and your enemies are you best friends
My own worst enemy screams no more chemicals
I'm not white nor do I piss like blood and call it a followup
Since there's no water left I'm just pissing in the wind

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