Knowledge is the start and end of all life,
If you’re not spreading knowledge then you're dumbfounded right,
You got to get it right, yeah get it tight,
Sorry rappers out here get your lyrics right,

Cause you I shall blight, in the day of the night,
Rappers dumbing down considerably to get the first bite,
First bite of bread, money’s what I said,
I’m not dumbing down for no one instead,

I smite their head, their blood is red,
Dripping all over their broken beds,
Now billions of people know your flow is dead,
You heard just what I said

Now back away from me because STP is dangerous you see,
Yea verbally, or physically, mentally or even spiritually,
Yea the fans are always into me, you need to check the policy,
Check priorities, your music is poison see, but mine brings victory,

Absolutely beneficial to all of humanity, got to keep my sanity,
Be mad at me, no please don’t,
Give me respect or you I won’t,
In hip hop there's dos and don’ts,

In new age rap, you do whatever you want,
Soull could be a killer, not one to taunt,
I can bring the funk any way I want,

Music is so good make you want to stomp,
I will chomp on my meal stomp,
I am a champion, but I’m not a chump,
A great artist, just like Duchamp

This the message see, this the message see
Ya’ll need to get it right and ya’ll know it see

I bleed music; you know what I mean,
Toxic in my veins and arteries,
It's apart of me, I love it see,

Must make good music with quality,
And quantity, with thousands of units,
People got to love them all just to prove it,
Prove its worth more than it's worth,

Transit from a million, to a billion,
In the U.S., I am a civilian,
Following rules, just trying to get by,
I played b-ball, never got high,

Except on the court, that was my sport,
Always had height, never was short,
So I made up my mind to be more than one,
Thus leads to when my hip hop life begun,

Tried to be uno everywhere I went,
Doing my best to represent,
I’m going to be the best to some extent,
One out of a billion, yea that’s my percent

This the message see, this the message see
Ya’ll need to get it right and ya’ll know it see

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