"Here Come More Perils from the Sea" as written by and Mark Edward Kozelek Jimmy L Lavalle....
what puts the wind in one man's sail
what makes the other snap off the train tracks and derail
what makes a man violating think that it's alright
to come on kiss his wife like it's nothing good now
how does a man get these sick coughin' sounds
when he once breathes so clear before he shot himself down
and thinking back at that far off look in your eyes
there was always a disconnect I couldn't pinpoint

not long ago you were a hired gun
till you became expendable, old and no fun
you lost your friends and you ran out of things to say
you watched batman on your 40th birthday
while your kids get skinny and cry for their dad
while their teeth fall out, turn yellow and black
while your eyebrows grow long and your belly gets big
while you become a grumpy old, frumpy old pig

you give your friend your faith and you give him your trust
until you open your eyes and there they are red-handed busted
just when I thought the parasites would leave me be
here come more perils from the sea

what uplifts him and makes him fly so well
while the street pigeon breathes in a toxic hell
why does the universe bring both pleasure and pain
why do you have to watch your bend like a knight in a chest
why does the universe make us sick and frail
why did the universe fail

what puts the lightness under one man's feet
while the other walks with a limp and slowly creeps
diggin' around in the trash and diggin' through drawers
crawlin' round like a dog on your basement floor

Lyrics submitted by janeaparis1, edited by SergeiWalankov

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