There's two twin deaf kids and they've gotta make
An ungodly decision
They decide which one gets to leave this place
And which one will forsake it, to make it

So, the first kid says in this temporal tone
I don't think there's a way to resolve it
We should wrap both these towels round our blistering bones
And wait it out in the closet

His brother looks him up and down and prophesies
How all of this should end
He said "We're buried underneath the yard
and no one ever listens or visits"

All that I know there's no way to fix it
All that I know there's no way to fix it
All that I know there's no way to fix it
All that I know there's no way to fix it

It didn't really matter how it happened when in the end
'Cause when it happened you reacted with this apathetic wince
So you try to wash it out but that's a stain that won't dissolve
And we all believed in ghosts until you walked into the wall

So give up!
So give up!
So give up!

All that I know there's no way to fix it
All that I know there's no way to fix it
All that I know there's no way to fix it
All that I know there's no way to fix it

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    General CommentI believe this song is about the twin deaf brothers Marc and Eddy Verbessum from Belgium. They were told by their doctor that they would be going blind as well so they asked to be euthanized (this is legal in Belgium) and they found a doctor that would go along with their wish. Normally this is only allowed if the condition is terimal or there is excruciating pain, but their reason was that they could not live with the fact that they would not be able to see each other; they relied on one another for everything and hardly knew anyone besides family.

    The song may be about someone one of the band member(s) know as well, a known case of Marc and Eddy, or maybe just a made up story of a part of Marc and Eddy's childhood since the lyrics have "kids."
    dancingjukeboxon January 28, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI think somewhere Andy Hull said this song was about twin brothers trapped in a building that was on fire.
    Like dancingjukebox says, maybe there was some inspiration from those twins in Belgium, seems like neither wants to live without the other and although the first twin thinks they should try and hide in the closet with (wet?) towels, the other says that nobody ever came looking for them before, why would they now?
    No idea about the third verse.

    Very dark, awesome song though, can't wait to see them next weekend!
    richard108on September 19, 2014   Link
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    General CommentWhoever typed these lyrics up must have had the shittiest head phones or either listened through shitty laptop speakers.....really? That is what you hear?
    littleameson April 11, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI wonder if it involves child abuse. The lyrics are dark; I sure wish I new what inspired them to write this. It is a great song to listen to loud though!
    LeoToddon April 25, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI think the song is an exploration of the different ways in which we can cope with guilt.

    In the beginning of the song, the two kids have done something wrong (killed someone, perhaps) and are trying to decide who is going to stay and take the blame for it and who is going to flee.

    Instead, they decide that they'll both stay to cover up what they've done, dispose of the evidence and 'wait it out in the closet.' With the 'dead and buried underneath the yard' part - I'm not sure whether that is the children imagining what will happen to them if they are found to be guilty or whether they've killed someone and that is their proposed way of getting rid of the body.

    Either way, they realise that burying things is not the way to fix things so they give themselves up. Things are still not fixed. Confessing doesn't take away the fact that they perpetrated the initial crime and they've learned things about themselves and each other through the experience that can't be unlearned ("That's a stain that won't dissolve" part).

    The children come to understand that hiding guilt is not a solution but sometimes coming clean isn't either.
    newsoulson April 25, 2014   Link
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    General CommentFirst time i heard it i thought it was about coming out and how there's a choice to come out of the closet or not and the two paths if they do or don't come out.
    And if the kid do make that leap and come out the they are afraid they might be killed and forgotten or just forgotten in general.
    And that coming out is a stain that won't dissolve and that once you've come out of the closet there's 'no way to fix it'.

    After researching those belgium twins though it seems much more likely thats it.
    TheMooseon August 30, 2016   Link

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