[Heath McNease:]
As a mere believer,
I'm resigned to die
and die again
As a meek believer,
I'm inheriting the earth
I'm inheriting the earth
I'm inheriting the earth

(woah oh oh)
(liar, Lord, or lunatic higher form of human)

[Heath McNease:]
You wanna little tri-lemma?
That dilemma since I'm little
when I whittled my decisions down to make a fine mixture
Icicle souls says it's lunatic or life-spitter
When I give my five sinner spinner
call him life-giver
Spin it how you want it
We all spin it how we need it
We all bend it, how convenient
I surrendered sound to reason
But the little house he's beaten down to brittle battered pieces
is the living palace he inhabits minutes after swingin'
'Cause Job ain't got the wherewithal or balls
to pull himself up by the walls of faulty logic
Fallin' when the song that God is callin'
Posture drops to crawlin'
Knowledge mongers start to grovel
Solomon is shocked--appalled that all his modern thoughts were hollow
so rattle saver
pound the pavement shouted lame
and scroungin' for an ounce of daily bread and prayin' that sustains him
That foundation's laid it happened
how he made it matters less than how we make it better while he has us wait

(woah oh oh)
(liar, Lord, or lunatic higher form of human)

Liar, lord or lunatic
I'm countin' up accomplishments
and weigh it on the scales so my decision's made in confidence
full throttle baby bottle on the pocket lips
Suck the Similac
the simple lackin' on what knowledge is
this is for the college kids, this is for the thirsty
the lightning bolt disrupt the very vocals where my verse speak on it
crack the physical, smack digital, middle type
to merely call this Christianity just doesn't fit it right
I ain't never been into labels so what you say is real
Call it what you want, at the end of the day we wear the seal
and barely feel the seed that we carry kill
the generation come up to the serpent had to bear the heel
squash that
I'm listening for his voice
and tryin' to figure out of this test is multiple choice
and color in my answer 'til it's bleeding out the bubble
the reason for my ransom and freedom within my struggle, oh!

[Heath McNease:]
Liar, Lord, or lunatic higher form of human
with a fire for the foolish
trip I kinda tore the fuselage
Simon saw the dude that caught a violent mortal wound
and with defiance for the future said that I'm a mortal too
Judas on that rope swing back like a catapult
thirty silver pieces on the ground y'all add it up
John beloved look up at Father
brother look down at fallen mother like
all the sin is covered like
Pontius Pilate washing hand until his skin peels
sin kills Hindenbergin' windows like a pinwheel
Cup passing from his lips it wasn't his will
Liar, lord, or lunatic
You tell me how this feels

(woah oh oh)
(liar, Lord, or lunatic higher form of human)

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