(Got a song for you
Goes like this yeah)

[Verse 1:]
I'mma get him his TV, mama
I'mma…I'mma put this down
I'mma make sure all us pasty little Irish boys never, ever go out of style

M is for the money
C is for the C.R.E.A.M.
N is for the nunnery she lived in in her teens
E's for those escapes she made to be with a McNease
A is for the dope apartment that she'll leave after the lease
S is for the SoundScan units that I move
E is for the echelon that you will never view

That spells McNease
That spells success
That spells ten thousand fans that felt my chest
They line up to view it like the Elgin marbles
And my pelvic arches made 'em all develop carpal
It's like I'm Elvis Presley with a stellar set of partials
except I'm black and blessed with hella better
credit (gargle)
I'm the undefined signed on the underline
We're talking music, but your wife's on the other line
Scheming underhand and from the team and under land
a Stevie Wonder brand and why the fans seek another landrance

Little Joe Cartwright
Swing for the fence
busted all the ballpark's lights
Like a Robert Redford pill full of 'roid rage
Head gettin' bigger on some Barry Bonds court tapes
I'm on steroids
They still love me, though
still take they tuggy boats down to my Cozy Cove
'cause when I go hard, I go yard
bust the cover off Macgregor balls, bro no tart

'Cause he loves me and gets me high
Bedtime story and a kiss goodnight
Thank God for McNasty it feels so right
Can you feel it?
Yeah, you feel it
Yeah, you feel it
That's McNasty
Can you feel it?
Yeah, you feel it
Yeah, you feel it
That's McNasty

[Verse 2:]
Played Jay Kurnitz in a play called "Lost in Yonkers"
at Valdosta State Uni and they all went bonkers
Now, I'm graduated and I got a sponsor
We met in A.A., he's cool and we call him Walter
First step, admitting that you got a problem
Second step is the acknowledgement of God the Father
Third step is turn from evil with a heart to follow
and fourth step is telling all of y'all my rhymes are awesome

Shout it from the streets
Facebook and Tumblr
how 'bout a couple tweets?
Let the world know that you ride it our for me
who could ever ride the fence better? Nobody
Who could write a jam based on Clive Staples,
Then make a mixtape called "Shuttlesworth"
turn round and both make your night tables?
That's why I like to live life without labels
and I just peed my pants, peace to Miles Davis

[Repeat chorus]

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