Intro -
*Phone ringing*
(Voicemail Operator)
Welcome to the o2 messaging service
The person you are calling is unable to take your call
Please leave your message, after the tone
(Compound talking)
Hey, it's Dan again
Just thought I'd let you know that I love you
And I miss you
I'm dying inside without you and you meant the world to me
I know you don't wanna speak to me right now
And it's killing me the way we ended
I can't live without you
And forever is what we always had planned
Please, just listen
And then maybe you'll understand
Verse 1 - Compound
My head's in my hands, I can see that photo
What happened to our plans? Girl, to us?
I treated you so badly, why did you even stay?
Every single *****ing day is never a good day
I'm sorry baby, I admit, I miss you so much
Your smile, your face, your kiss and your touch
There's so many *****ing questions I've gotta know
Do you still think about me every single day?
Do you tell your friends of the good memories we had?
I know you're happy and honestly girl I'm glad
Although it makes me so sad and I know you're not sad
No more having a weight down on your shoulders
You deserve a life, uh you deserve everything
I'm sorry and I wish that I could take it all back
I'm waiting here alone, praying you'll come back
It's never gonna happen, I know, I love you
Hook - Mackin
I'm never gonna shut my eyes
I wanna see you by my side
What you do if I died
I told the truth and I never lied
Would you miss me?
Would you cry?
I messed my life up
Yeah I messed it up real bad
But all I can say,
All I can say was I tried
Verse 2 - Mackin
You're more than beautiful you just crossed the line
I'm proud to say you're nobody else's, you're just mine
I'll take you for a romantic walk down the River Tyne
You're lighting up my world (?) little miss sunshine
We're meant to be together I've read all the signs
You're so hot I think I need too (?)
I must admit, I think about you all the time
We're in paradise drinking red red wine
What happens when it goes straight to your head?
Do I exist or is it feel like I'm dead?
Words can't kill, they can only be said
You always start happy, finish sad at the end
You're only high so long then you hit the bed
I wanna be proud to call you my only girlfriend
But I know, for a fact it won't happen
I want you to say something, why? It's Mackin

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