"Fall In Love" as written by Sarah Barthel, Joshua Carter and Y ....
Love, it wasn't ours to recognize
To see, I was the reason you feel sick inside

Fall in me
I'll let you breathe
'Cause you were fallin, I'm sorry, I may be
'Cause you were fallin, I'm sorry, I

Love, it cut a hole into your eyes
You couldn't see you were the car I crashed
Now you're burning alive

Fall in me
I'll let you breathe
'Cause you were fallin, I'm sorry, I may be
'Cause you were fallin, I'm sorry, I

Babe, the night it swallowed my soul
Could it be that I fell apart it shows
The lines on the face ate away my smile
Could it be that I fell apart

Fall in me
I'll let you breathe
'Cause you were fallin, I'm sorry, I may be

Fall in me
I'll let you breathe
'Cause you were fallin, I'm sorry, I may be

Fall in me

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"Fall in Love" as written by Sarah Barthel Barbara Mason

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    MemoryDon't ever get sucked into another human being so much that you get depressed and/or suicidal. If you feel this way try to get the frak out of your environment. Go have some fun in New Orleans or just find yourself on a beach. Christ I wish I had gone to Brazil in the 90's.
    abraxas365on March 12, 2014   Link
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    MemoryWhen I first heard the lyrics I just froze. They might as well have been coming directly out of my ex-girlfriend's mouth.

    I met her when she was in a very confused emotional place. She didn't know who or what she wanted. I fell madly in love with her. She told me she was in too dark a place to handle it:
    The night has swallowed my soul
    Could it be that I fell apart
    It shows
    The lines on my face ate away my smile
    Could it be that I fell apart"

    Because of her avoidance and rejection, I subsequently went into depression; yet she was compassionate enough to recognize my agony:
    It was enough to recognize
    To see
    I was the reason you feel sick inside.

    Fall in need
    I let you bleed
    'Cause you were falling
    I'm sorry baby
    'Cause you were falling
    I'm sorry"

    I've "sorta" gotten over it now. But phew. It was some hardcore pain for me.

    It cut a hole into your eyes
    You couldn't see
    You were the car I crashed
    Now you're burning alive"

    Shihoinon March 25, 2014   Link
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    General CommentWhen I first heard the song I thought it was about someone in pain from loving someone who's fallen out of love with them, and that's what it probably is about. But after listening to it a lot I hear it as two sides. The girl in the chorus loving someone she can't be with and the chorus is love apologizing for causing her so much agony.

    Continually love tries to seduce the girl while it's already killing her. In the verses she's in dire need of relief of that terrible feeling. Someone not loving you back when their all you think about. By the end of the chorus you begin to feel it while she's desperately talking to herself out of love. Then the chorus hits and it has this inescapable grab over you. You feel it and know how she fell in love. Love's words are intoxicating with . When love says and repeats 'Cause you were falling. I'm sorry baby' it's as if love gave her no choice and is at least apologizing for then and now.

    I like this song.
    swright987on March 23, 2014   Link
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    Song MeaningSONG MEANING: This song is about a girl who goes to her friend to satisfy her needs. This friend is in love with her but she keep breaking his heart and she feels bad but the reason why she cant love him is on her previous relationship it ended badly.

    MEMORY:i'm previously going threw the same thing. i have a friend who i had the greatest moments with him. He been there for me through many problems and finds ways to cheer me up. We hang out with the same friends and had great time with joy and laughter but he tends to flirt a lot with me and he only flirt with me to satisfy his need and for some reason i CAN'T let him go. He is one of the highlight to my world. He has apologies to me for hurting me and tells me he feels bad but he wont have a relationship with me because he had a bad break up and still loves his ex
    Bella6497on May 06, 2014   Link
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    MemoryI first really noticed this song when it played in the car the last time I dropped off the person I was in love with. When I would say goodbye and drive home that was when it would really hit me, my brain telling me that I love him, and that it's probably not going to end well (it didn't). This is such a beautiful, euphoric yet also sad song, and I'm stuck thinking of him whenever I hear it.
    Seems the main character notices that someone is in unrequited love with them, recognizes the pain the person is going through and feels responsible. Either that, or it is written from the viewpoint of "Love". ("Fall in me")
    spacedyeon May 26, 2014   Link
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    General Commentchrist it hurts sometimes
    crazycrackahon January 18, 2014   Link
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    General CommentWrong lyrics, but w/e.
    I digress even deeper now, the song is about having a guilty feeling about someone falling in love with you, but you don't feel the same. Throwing off the guilt for the enjoyment of watching someone suffer for you. It's beautiful, everyone does it. Cool song.

    It reminds me of that time in band camp...
    Smurfpumper1on September 19, 2014   Link
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    General CommentLyrics are wrong.
    Opening line: love, it was enough to recognize

    Chorus: Fall in need I'll let you bleed
    LyricalM8on March 22, 2017   Link
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    Song Meaning"I (her) let you (him) bleed"

    I originally with with (subject) (object), but her/him is easier.. Assume the genders could be reversed.

    The song is too general to draw any absolutes, but I'm curious as to why everyone interprets "falling" as depression. There are two lines that provide the best context for the rest of the song.

    Recognizing love, from the opening line, implies the song is taking place prior to a formal relationship forming, especially since he's "feel[ing] sick inside" in the same tense. The feeling sick was already happening at this point.

    "Fall in need [of love aka Fall in love]" sets up the rest of the chorus. She is letting his heart bleed 'cause he was fallin' [in love], and she's sorry for that.

    He's falling head over heels for her, and she intentionally doesn't allow the relationship to flourish.

    The car crashing either represents him being led on pretty hard or some form of corruption through their hanging out. If it represents her corrupting him in some way, that could be why she's putting an end to things before they even start.

    I think the bridge is supposed to be him singing.
    ryderovon August 06, 2014   Link
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    General CommentThis song is like an anthem for me , just to know i love someone but i just couldn't make her happy cause i couldn't be with her hurts every single day
    Everytime i hear this song makes me feel fucked up
    Morr15on August 25, 2017   Link

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