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it's the shadowy whisper that brushes my leg
or sends you shooting it through my brain
it's the way you back up into my veins

it's a cruel world
but it's cool

it's the way you keep wearing me all on your clothes
or pull me back on my own bed
or let me see you getting changed

it's a cruel world
but it's cool

well i'm out in california now
ari gave me his new car
and all the girls are so champagne
i'm a high liver
i'm a slow burner

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    General Commenti have a feeling this song is about whoooole lot. and there seems to be a lot of double meanings. i don't want to be "that guy" (who suggests every single song ever is written about drugs) but i think this song mainly consists of:

    feelings about a lover

    feelings about the world around us

    feelings about unexpected success and dealing with it

    and feelings about drugs and liquor

    the first two feelings mentioned are pretty obvious to spot. first and foremost - listen to the music. the music often gives you a hint as to what the lyrics are truly about but every one will interoperate the music differently so moving onto the lyrics:

    /the shadowy whisper that brushes my leg
    /sends you shooting through my brain
    /its the way you back up into my veins

    this first chunk of lyrics to me suggests an interesting connotation which is that these three lines are about another person who is being talked about as if they were like a drug. the words "shooting" into my brain (as opposed to any other verb) and then right down to the veins line. im not suggesting the writer does drugs, im simply suggesting that they made this metaphor to express the feelings they have for another person.

    /its a cruel world
    /but its cool

    these lines are brilliant to me because of how much is said with so little words. however you spin it, i think the first line is supposed to taken quite literally. it is a cruel world. the second line is whats so good because the writer gives the "cruel world" a kind of shrug off, by saying "its cool". this also makes me think about alcohol/drugs/escapism in general.

    /its the way you keep wearing me all on your clothes
    /or pull me back on my own bed
    /or let me see you getting changed

    simply because of the way that these lines are sung i think they are meant to be much more directly romantic, where as the first verse is a little bit mysterious. not only because of the way that these words are sung but also because the words themselves are very literal, and any one who has been in love can probably feel the connection in this verse. also, by this time the writer has used the lead in "its the . ......" multiple times. which suggests that they're giving an answer, or an explanation. thats something to think about - though i don't know what to make of it.

    /well im out in california now
    /ari gave me his new car
    /and all the girls are so champagne
    /im a high liver
    /im a slow burner

    this last part really sums up the song for me. im taking a wild guess that this song has a big to do with tigers jaw's fairly sudden success and moving around due to that. im fairly certain this band is from the east coast, and the writer is talking about "being in california now" which immediately makes this song about the present. the car line is i think literally about getting a new car, and also a sort of interesting because on an earlier tiger's jaw track there is a line that goes something like "i dont have a car" from the song heat - which is sort of a call out to people who dont have money and feel they're struggling from it. this makes this line much more meaningful to me and suggest that the writer is talking about gaining fame and being able to move to california and how he has a car now.

    the line "all the girls are so champagne" to me simply also elaborates this life style. im not sure if the writer is making the life style seem good or bad and i wouldn't even be able to guess because this song does a wonderful job of remaining very neutral while explaining a serious situation. one could argue that this line comes off as fairly sarcastic, but one could also argue the exact opposite so it's hard to even guess.

    now these last two lines are my very favorite in the entire song, and are probably the reason i keep coming back to this track.

    /im a high liver
    /im a slow burner

    the first line may or may not have a double meaning, but the last one seems to have quite a few meanings, at the very least.

    the line "im a high liver" to me suggest that this song is indeed about living a life that the writer enjoys. "a high liver" can also suggest weed, and when coupled with the last line BOTH of these meanings work together simultaneously. "a slow burner" reminds me of the saying about how brighter stars burn out faster, i think the writer is trying to say that they are both living high and bright but burning slowly, which works well with the marijuana reference (he IS in california...) a high liver is someone who is high while living, which then feeds into the like "im a slow burner" - people that smoke marijuana tend to enjoy a slower burn from whatever they're smoking. i think that these last two lines are very much so making a marijuana reference and at the same time used to express the writer's new situation and surroundings in life.

    just my opinion, i know that i could be completely wrong!
    afreijaton March 04, 2014   Link

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