Intro: Method Man:
Uhh, goddamnit
There's motherfuckin' niggas talkin' man
These motherfuckers is talkin' mad shit
Nigga we 'bout to show these motherfuckers who we is

Hook: Redman:
These motherfuckers think we playin games
These motherfuckers don't know Wu-Tang
These motherfuckers is talkin mad shit
But these motherfuckers better run quick
'Cause me and my niggas is about to fuck em up
'Cause the Wu-Tang ain't givin a fuck

Verse 1: Method Man:
Shit, Jesus Christ, you think I'mma be nice
Fuck that son, you gonna pay the price
Catchin' TD's from Vick like Peerless Price
Motherfuckers get hit like Bush's bitch Rice
Eat that Asian shit like fuckin rice
Lickin' that carpet like a fuckin dike
Gettin' that paper like a fuckin kike
Whoa, no, don't go there ho
Who the fuck is you? They gonna slit your throat
You a motherfucking bitch ass punk ass crooked ass motherfucking
Goat, and like a goat I make the sacrifice
To the gods so they can see my might
Like bitches I be fuckin every goddamn night
Goddamnit you niggas is acting trife
Where the fuck is your goddamn wife
Goddamn I'll fuckin ruin your life
Oh God I speak blasphemy like its a delight
Make you christian ass niggas wanna cry
Niggas in the damn streets die, while rich kids get high

Hook 2x

Verse 2: RZA and GZA:
Yo yo these motherfuckers don't know my name
I'mma fuckin let em know my name
You motherfuckers will know my name
That's the way I fuckin play this game
Shit, niggas like you think you got somethin
Niggas like you ain't got nothin
Goddamn you niggas is some fools
I shoot you niggas like I shoot pool

Fuck with the baddest of the baddest
I smoke with the gladdest of the gladdest
Niggas cant have this
This is my shit that I wrote, suck my dick
You fuckers ain't got shit
You fuckers ain't got dicks
Generic shit, what the fuck ever, fuck it
Fucking priests cant change me so fuck them
I ain't a fucking nigger just frontin
So fuck you niggas who ain't fuckin

Hook 2x

Verse 3: Ghostface and Raekwon:
Jesus can save
Y'all niggas believe it
Some of you niggas cant fuckin see it
But I believe that you niggas will be it
Like my nigga Redman y'all niggas will be it
Don't be like fat ass Bizarre that nigga will eat it
Niggas is crazy like H.O.V. nigga I seen it
But damn nigga I gotta problem with all the killin
And the stealin nigga
Leave them cars alone your asses ain't leavin the fuckin hood
You niggas up to no good
You niggas will burn like fuckin hell
Oh motherfuckin well

Fuckin goddamn all of you
Goddamn you motherfuckers and fuck all of you
Goddamn this shit man I ain't gonna rap
Niggas like you can't goddamn handle that
Jesus fucking Allah fucking Buddha
You fuckin niggas, man fuck this shit

Hook x2

Verse 4: ODB and Inspectah Deck:
I got your money bitch ass nigga
I got mo paper than a bitch with 6 figures
I sell more in NY than that god damned jigga
Fo real nigga my nigga you feelin me?
Jews and gentiles are all feelin me
Christians and Muslims, niggas feelin me
Politicians and police, fuck they killin me

I am like MJ except I don't wear 23
I wear 88
Like my nigga Michael Irvin
Smoking crack cant handle that
Fuck that, fucking Arab women getting jailed for that
Hoes and bitches and rims nigga that's all there is
Niggas like you cant see that shit that's all there is
Niggas like you is stupid talkin mad shit
Fuck that shit nigga, you ain't goddamn worth shit

Hook 2x

Verse 5: U-God and Redman:
They call me U-God, why, 'cause I am a God
Like God I cast down on thee motherfuckers get mad at me
But Jesus God, niggas u cant me that fraud niggas
I see blonde niggas like Eminem selling, that's fuckin fraud, niggas
Jippin' niggas like bad coke dealers
Little kids buyin his shit for what nigga
Yo Reggie what the fuck you got to say about that shit?

Man fuck that shit
Shit run this shit back
Fuck it yeah play that shit again
Yeah yeah fuck lets go
1, 2, 3, to the motherfuckin 4
Redman is in the motherfuckin door
Niggas like you I choke like my motherfuckin hoes
White boys? man nigga they be like Lil' Kim's toys
Shit man, my man is shit man
He talk much shit man, but don't back that shit up
Like what the fuck?
Fuck where the fuck's Fred Durst when you need his ass?

Outro: Red and Meth
Hahahaha goddamn, goddamn, GOD FUCKING DAMN
Shit chill God that's the shit right here
Yeah yeah this has been an exclusive
DJ motherfuckin Kay Slay
Fuck all that mixtape volume 1
Get that shit nigga

Goddammit nigga goddamn
Ain't no goddamn shit like Wu-Tang
New album in '04 with the motherfuckin D-R-E
Featuring much shit from Busta and Slim
And the fuckin G-unit
Man but fuck it, let's get the fuck out
Yo KAY turn that shit the fuck off, let's fucking bounce
Shit God, let's bounce

Aight goddamn
Hold the fuck up
We also got guest appearances from the Bone Thugs, Cypress Hill
And many others

(Eminem on the phone as track ends)
What the fuck were you sayin' about me Reggie? Fuck it.

Lyrics submitted by Mellow_Harsher

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