Do you see what this was? Can you feel what this is? It’s more than music do you see what I have done; it’s all right here for you, now it’s out in the open for you to see.

Three different stories collide into one; three lives, one heart, three minds and souls and one forsaken tenement searching for someone to see what I really am inside. The sweetness inside can’t you feel it sometimes? I’m more than a shadow hiding behind my black mask because I’m so unsure am I beautiful or repulsive? This blights my mind but you know that deep down inside, I am a kind-hearted man, in the end I want to love again. I bleed through this music to show that I live, to show that I breathe; I can’t deny I am strange, I was melded by seclusion it taught me how to live, to eat, to think, then the hate runs through my veins but I’ve never felt so good to tell it to all of you now, like a weight being picked up by loving hands, ensuring that I can escape, you’ve helped me so much, how can I ever pay you back? Can I give you my undying love, my heart, my soul, my mind, my purpose; it’s what you deserve for your loving support has helped me through the hard times.

Can you feel as I feel? Can you be there with me? Can you stand here with me? It’s a journey to remember and never forget, here’s my revelation, and perhaps you’ll understand me?

At times I feel the lonely days walking along the empty roads like a drifter, like I’ve never belonged in this world, to be accepted and loved, then to have it taken away, I felt that my life was no longer worth living for. But the darkness saved me, it took away all of my fear, but it made the rage rise up in me, so I killed myself and put on the mask knowing there was no way of turning back, but the memory of an angel reminded me that love would never die and I know that I shouldn’t give up because of the disappointments swimming in a sea of sharks, and I made the climb to change my life, and I see the light buried beneath the clouds, the dawn is coming…

I know what I have been through; it’s probably confusing why I would search for love all over again? Perhaps that I'm lonely more than I say out loud, I want that feeling of being appreciated.

But it’s okay…This is now for you, for listening to my story, for being my fans, my friends, my support, my family, my shoulder to cry on when times got tough, the hope of a new life beyond a difficult strain of time, you are my motivation, you are the friend’s I have always wanted. One day I will be with someone again, no need to worry about me, I hope all of you can forgive me, I’ve taken you for granted, I pushed a lot of you away… I can live in peace knowing my true love still exists in this world…let the music bind us to each other, no matter who we are or where we came from or what we believe in, we are all of us friends. This is all for you….

Take me away, we’ll fly away, take me away with you, I want to fly away…
You’ll be there with me, I anticipate you will arrive from out of nowhere just like my dreams, we’ll fly away…take me away with you.

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A Journey to Remember song meanings
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