Don't you see it's all wrong? Don't you realize it's all gone? My dreams are broken, my days are being counted one by one as my hate becomes the source of my pain, my mind can't stand the trials of everyday and this lonely day brings back the bad memories.

Did you really have to bring it up? Did you say you're sorry for what happened yesterday? So, the source of your pain is the same as mine? I can't believe the things you say to me to make me feel like I don't belong in here! I'm falling off the edge again! I'm coming apart from all the things you did to me and all the things you took from me! The issue wasn't you or me, the problem was embedded deep inside your head; a world above where you were right all the time! (SO SORRY! I am human just like you, I know I have my problem, but you don't seem to accept I'm not a child, I need to live, I need to breathe, it's not my fault I had nowhere else to go, but do you have to rub it in my face, this home was broken anyways!)

Did this world really need to bring me down? Did it have to step on all the dreams I planned and turned them into a nightmare and now I loathe, this world is always mocking me! It's bad enough the disappointing turns in life just keep on hitting me until I fall down! I'm sleeping in a world of hurt, I'm stalked by a shapeless being...I'm tumbling down the stairs again, I stand back up and barely have the strength to walk away, I try my best to make my dreams reality, I stand back up and face the enemy...I pray I just won't break again, this hurt that lives inside my heart will probably kill me anyways!

The end, lonely days are coming soon...I can feel the pain within the air, it feels so cold 'cause in my life it's all I know! It works like a broken clock...I can't live on knowing that my dreams will escape me, my world will fall apart! I'm just a normal broken man I hurt inside so bad it hurts to breathe I wonder if my heart will stop its beat! I'll smile just to be polite, I smile 'cause the people in my life support me so why should I make them feel bad with me...I just want to live again, I just want to laugh again, I just want to love again!

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