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I barely perceive the world as it slips from my mind
I’m crazy, I’ve lost it, I’m gone
In a dream I can only hold you so close
I slipped the ring on your finger as I awoke

Beneath the East River, threw up
The subway cars all pushed and shoved
Hid my face
Embarrassed with all my choices
The chaos of all the voices
I lost you
I lost you forever
I can still remember how you kiss
I can’t believe this is it
This is it

I barely perceive the world as it slips from my mind
I’m crazy, so crazy, you’re gone
In hotels I can hold you so close
You slipped the ring off your finger
Is this a joke

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    My Interpretationabout post-breakup anxiety. "i've lost it" is a double meaning, meaning she's gone crazy and also that she lost the other person, as shown later in the song with "i lost you" repeated. she "slips the ring on your finger," as in commitment and loyalty, possibly indicating marriage or engagement, but the addendum "as i woke" probably means it was just a part of the dream from the previous line.

    the east river is in new york city. i think there are subway tunnels that run underneath it or underground near it, explaining why she'd be "beneath" it. after awaking from the dream, overwhelmed by regret and the chaos of the subway station, she throws up and/or has a breakdown as the realization that it's over sets in.

    in the end, the ring is slipped off, angering the singer - "is this a joke?" this could represent frustration at the discarded loyalty and commitment the ring represented. alternatively, this is a continuation of the dream from the first part and she's incredulous that even in her dream, the loyalty is thrown away.

    one thing i don't get is the line "In hotels I can hold you so close." maybe being away from home (staying at a hotel) lets her run away from reality?
    somemightsay99on July 04, 2017   Link

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