I am the reason that you run piss-drunk with the one giving faith to you
You said you drank her eyes like wine, they played like violins and led you to the truth
And the medium she paints with has blossomed in your eyes
Like the freedom song that slaves sang to drown away their cries
She's blasé, not a bit surprised that she's taken your heart from you

The city holds a certain smell, gets trapped inside your lungs, gives you peace of mind
She holds a piece of your mind, says you'll have it back if you stay with her a while
And the harpsichord she plays, she plays without a miss
You ain't felt nothing like it since the days that we were kids
And the art of confusion kept our feelings hid
Well she's opened you up somehow

Now your drink doesn't call your name, you've given up destruction for a brand new game
She's leaving for the Heavens, you'd better catch her if you can

Some images are sure to shake you up, blessed is the man who hasn't had enough
I'm sure you'll try and press your luck, but she will bring you down from the ninth cloud to the pub
Where she will write sonnets on a bar napkin stained with kiss
You'll say you haven't got yours, she says "I'll show you what you missed"
And points to a man in the corner clenching his fist, drinking his life away

You'll feel better if you sleep, the Sandman's heroine will bring you deep
She is waiting there for you to take your withered hands, and in her hands keep
And she will tell you stories of those singers in their day
Before those shakers came and took them all away
And you will smile, and her voice will say "Do you remember when times were good?"

Nothing will ever seem the same again, you will never feel a closer friend
She's headed for the station, you'd better catch her if you can

The midnight madness will eat you up, chew you up, and spit you out
She will pick you off the ground, off the sidewalks of this town
And she'll take you to the river and baptize you with grace
You will find the cure to sadness in the valleys of her face
She will make something beautiful out of this filthy place and lay it by your bed

You will feel like you've just been born, deep inside you there's a stitching warmth
She's leaving for the city, you'd better catch her if you can

You'd better catch her if you can

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