I'd never seen such a beautiful sight as all of them lined up in a row
There was men and women, popes and strangers, some you might even know
And I looked downtown, I saw the crowds of people waiting patiently
James Dean just walked into the night and said "What will be will be"

And he was born sucking a lemon, he was the product of a mistake
Bred into a mighty famine, and he was born under a heartbreak

And I saw the presidents from every corner of the world,
They were drawing thoughts out of a bowl
Saying the only thing that can save us now is the soul of rock and roll
And I saw the university children, they were screaming in cafes
They were speaking of congress and fallen angels
Saying "Oh what a beautiful day"

And they were born to walk a line, they were taught to be this way
Bred to believe that all was fine, and they were born under a heartbreak

I saw a man up on a bandstand, he was waving his arms and shouting loud
The people there held questionnaires wondering what this was all about
I yelled "Here, here! Cut off your ears, don't listen anymore!"
I saw Abe Lincoln in a hallucination saying "Oh, what is hunger for?"

He was born to fight, made secure to never take
Bred to surrender all that is right, and he was born under a heartbreak

A man came up to me in a bar, and he offered me a cup of blood
He said "Drink up, the cup, we'll drink this 'til the war is won"
I started crying "When will people stop fighting?" and he looked at me like I was insane
Then he said "My name is Judas" and he slit his wrists and said I'm letting off some pain

He was born to trust, made to feel never afraid
But there's this feeling that never leaves, that he was born under a heartbreak

I saw a man on the corner of the street with a sign that said the end is near
He was close to a man with ragged clothes pawning fortunes to buy some tears
There were fashion whores coming out of stores, they were scoffing their eyes and such
I screamed "You're all gonna die and wonder why you never amounted to much

'Cause you were born to be the same, like a product, like a fake
Bred to believe that life is just a game, and you were born under a heartbreak"

I saw televisions in storefront windows playing broadcasts of the daily news
And the man was saying that the polls were in and we were guaranteed to lose
I saw a little boy crying, covering his eyes, saying "What will happen to me?"
I said "You'll grow up to be corrupt and set the captives free

'Cause you were born to believe that there was nothing at stake
But there's this feeling that never leaves, you were born under a heartbreak"

You told me to meet you out on the highway in the saloons where the poets roam
But they were all starving, hysterical, naked, drinking in their wooden shacks alone
And many men have come and gone, some were good but most were blind
The good old days have gone away, I hope they'll come back some other time

'Cause we were born sucking a lemon, we were the products of a mistake
Bred into a mighty famine, and we were born under a heartbreak

I saw a man, he was holding his mind, saying "How do you use this thing?"
Young women were playing violins, singing "Let freedom ring"
I saw shrapnel of our nation's comfort floating in the sea
I saw Gandhi, he just slit his pipe and said "What will be will be"

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