Me and Jane are one and the same, we are one and the same tonight
She had her hair in a bow, I know her intentions were right
Her horoscope is one, I am told, pertains to a theory of flight
O' but I am undone, that's why I told her not to come
She's been sad but she's not the only one

We sit in the shadows, teasing the fire, we are teasing the fire and the light
The King and the Queen are parading around as if they own the night
And I exclaim, "I could never be the same, never could be fake if I tried"
O' the Queen starts to hum, put my poison in my rum
She's been had, but she's not the only one

All the rich and the poor are one and the same, they are one and the same with time
The business men are humping the neon signs, they are humping neon signs with delight
I said to my friend, "Have you ever seen a thing?" He said, "If I was Hemingway, I'd write"
O' but he did not eat, I think he had something up his sleeve
He once was free but now he's just like me

The street smells like semen, the air is a demon making a thunderous glow
I smell tobacco calling and screaming, I'm dreaming and dreaming I didn't know
That fewer and fewer, they stop believing and subsidize with the flow
O' but I am carnal, this will all come and pass tomorrow
I've been sad, but it's only self-pity, it's last call

Me and Jane, we turn in the same way we came
On her head is a crown, she moved me with pain
I'm stuck on her like a stain
She said "Life is a highway, a wide-open highway, there'll be traffic if you don't change lanes"
But I told her to stay, she said "That's something I thought you would never say"
O' she's pharmaceutical but hey, that's okay

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Whimsical-Hysterical-Suburban song meanings
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