"Legacy" as written by Polina Goudieva, David N Brook, Emile ...
Tell me where to go, tell me what to do
I'll be right there for you
Tell me what to say, no matter if it's true
I'll say it all for you

I used to be the type of kid that would always think the sky is falling
Why am I so differently wired? Am I a martian?
What kind of twisted experiment am I involved in
Because I don't belong in this world
That’s why I'm scoffing at authority, defying often
Flying off at the handle with my mom, no dad
So I’m non complying at home, at school I’m just shy and awkward
And no I don’t need no goddamn psychologist
Trynna diagnose why I have all these underlying problems
Thinking he can try and solve them
I’m outside chalking up drawings on the sidewalk
And in the front drive talking to myself
Either that or inside hiding often to going somewhere quiet
Trying not to be noticed because I'm crying and sobbing
I had a bad day at school so I ain't talking
Some cocksucker shoved me into a fucking locker
And he said that I eyeballed him

And if you fall, I'll get you there
I'll be your savior from
All the wars that are fought
Inside your world
Please have faith in my words

'Cause this is my legacy, legacy, here
This is my legacy, legacy, here
There’s no guarantee, it’s not up to me, you can only see
This is my legacy, legacy
Legacy, legacy

I used to be the type of kid that would always think the sky is falling
Why am I so differently wired in my nogging?
'Cause sporadic as my thoughts come, it's mind boggling
'Cause I obsess on everything and my mind is small shit
Bothers me but now my father, he said sayonara and then split
But I don’t give a shit I'm fine as long as
There's batteries in my Walkman nothing is the matter with me
Shit look at the bright side at least I ain’t walking
I bike ride through the neighborhood of my apartment
Complex on a ten speed which I've acquired parts that I
Found in the garbage, a frame and put tires on it
Headphones on, straight ahead and kids tryin to start shit
But if this is all there is for me life offers
Why bother even try and put up a fight, it's nonsense
But I think a light bulb just lit up in my conscience
What about those rhymes I've been jottin'
They are kinda giving me confidence
Instead of tryina escape through my comics,
Why don't I just blast a little something like Onyx
To put me in the mood to wanna fight and write songs that
Say what I wanna say to the kid that said that I eyeballed him
Grab hold of my balls like that's right fight's on bitch
Who would've knew from the moment I turned the mic on
I could be iconic, and my conquest is
Is word to Phife Dawg from a Tribe Called Quest

This is my legacy, legacy, here
This is my legacy, legacy, here
There’s no guarantee, it’s not up to me, you can only see
This is my legacy, legacy
Legacy, legacy

I used to be the type of kid that would always think the sky is falling
Now I think the fact that I'm differently wired's awesome
'Cause if I wasn't I wouldn't be able to work
Words like this and connect lines like crosswords
And use my enemy's words as strength
To try and draw from, and get inspired off em
'Cause all my life I was told and taught I am not shit
By you wack fucking giant sacks of lying dog shit
Now you shut up bitch, I am talking
Thought I was full of horseshit and now
You fucking worship the ground in which I am walking
Me against the world so what? I'm Brian Dawkins
Versus the whole 0 and 16 Lions offense
So bring on the Giants Falcons and Miami Dolphins
It's the body bag game bitch I'm supplying coffins
'Cause you dicks, butt kiss, a bunch of Brian Baldingers
You gon die a ball licker I've been diabolical
With this dialogue since 99 Rawkus
You don't respect the legacy I leave behind y'all can
Suck a dick, the day you beat me pigs'll fly out my ass
And a flying saucer full of Italian sausage
The most high exalting and I ain't halting
Till I die of exhaustion inhale my exhaust fumes
The best part about me is I am not you
I am me, I'm a fire marshall and this is my

Legacy, legacy, here
This is my legacy, legacy, here
There’s no guarantee, it’s not up to me, you can only see
This is my legacy, legacy
Legacy, legacy

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"Legacy" as written by David Brook Polina Goudieva

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    General CommentYeah I get that thing with authority, I cannot respect it, and the indifference it shows to me, same with my peers as I grew up, if I had a talent like his I'd be doing the same thing. It's good how certain people can be differently wired up. We're not out to prove how sorted out we are. We're not out to compare ourselves, cos we were never supposed to be a 'part' of it in the first place.

    Now, wheres my jet pack? Just need to get out of here.
    admeanson December 09, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationThis one is interesting with the chorus, it doesn't really let the listener know who it is on that part. Be it Eminem himself, it would of made more sense for him to do those lines himself. But, I do appreciate it could just be a matter of voice. Personally, I think this song is to be the listener's "legacy" if they fit, which is any song with the fit part. I can relate to this song a lot. Where it says it's not up to me, is Eminem saying it's not my choice what to do, it's yours. It's your legacy. The "please have faith in my words" is his way of saying: listen. I know, I've been there. Just trust me. If you fall, I'll get you there: He's carrying part of your load/issue, like any well meaning person does when dealing with this sort of issue "wars going on inside your head."

    The three verses are him progressing in his mind, growing almost.

    At first, he's defiant, he doesn't want anything from anyone, and if someone screws him over he just bottles it up and hides in the corner. Notice how the defiance doesn't continue to the kid who put him in the locker in this verse. It shows that there's something going on if he doesn't do it with everything. It was a key point, and a sly point to make. Most would just see: Oh, he was bullied. But, on top of that, it shows that there's insane issues going on at home. He's struggling to find a way of order, so he defies any form of authority. His home life and school contrast.

    In the second verse, at the beginning he's just avoiding everything basically. As Eyedea said: I don't love music I just use it to escape.
    It's a way to not have to deal with all the stupidity that's going on around him, and inside him in truth. When listening to music you can focus on that, and not have to deal with your own thoughts. He shows by that, and the bike that he isn't just sitting on his ass though and feeling sorry. He's trying to do things productive. He's doing things himself. He's becoming more independent. As soon as he thinks of the rhymes he wrote, his attitude changes completely in this verse. You can almost hear it in his voice as well in the song. But, he doesn't do anything physical. He does it through his writing, creating a persona that he's too... unsure of to be. He can't just be it for the moment, so he does it through his writing, it's a new voice, and a relief that he can see that came from him. Which leads to the third.

    Being differently wired is awesome, because he's doing things other's can't. It's unusual, it's unique, and it's one of the greatest releases he's found. He's actually become this persona, well parts of it that I mentioned. He's gotten that confidence to tell someone straight, instead of writing about it. "Now you shut up, bitch. I'm talking" showing the difference of before when he would hide and not talk about/confront the average person in his life. He kind of goes with this theme, talking about people thinking he was "horseshit and now worship the ground he walks on."
    It's almost narcissistic in a way what comes next. He basically says that he's invincible besides nature. He says "my legacy" here as well though. In truth that can alter what was said before, but I still stand by what I said. But, at the same time if you look at it in this light, it's a big fuck you, I'm the greatest. I'm the king. you can't do better than the legacy I leave behind.
    He states in other songs kind of a robot feel to himself, which is much different than the martian he talked about in the beginning. Inhale my exhaust fumes, a machine/robot would emit exhaust fumes. He's going, and he's running like a machine. He's on clock work basically.

    The best part of me, is that I am not you.
    That line could be taken in a few ways. It could be seen as a "I'm glad that I don't have the same mindset as you, I'm glad I'm different". But continuing with the way earlier theme, it could mean he's glad he's past that position.
    There has been many contradictions in a way on my interpretation, but in a way those contradictions make sense of what he would do.
    iEyedeaon January 10, 2014   Link
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    General CommentDicks butkus, football reference
    Plattiion January 05, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationI'm going to preface this by saying that this interpretation will sound nuts to most people, but just hear me out. I heard this song about a month ago and it has so profoundly resonated with my own life.. like, I can relate to every single thing he is saying.

    Just before I had discovered this song on Pandora, I had been led to research online about spirituality after seeing the numbers 1111 on clocks, receipts, license plates, ect. relentlessly for the past 10 years. I came upon a site that talked about "lightworkers" who are people who are sent to this earth to guide people and act as an inspiration to the lives that they touch. There was a list of characteristics that these people have and I happen to have every single one. Eminem EASILY fits into this into this description as well.

    If you're totally lost and confused, just google "new age spirituality", start there.. get on my level. For everyone else, check out the website for yourself : spiritualitysolutions.com/…

    Now, I know some of you are perplexed about how such a crude, vulgar wankster-rapper could ever possibly be some kind of spiritual light to mankind. Well, it doesn't matter who you are, as long as you are giving to this world in some type of form. Despite some of his tasteless, offensive songs that we associate with Eminem, he has also created many songs that have inspired millions of people. Songs that are about standing up for yourself, believing in yourself, pursuing your dreams, and so on and so forth (most of which are from his most recent albums).

    "I used to be the type of kid that would always think the sky is falling
    Why am I so differently wired? Am I a martian?
    What kind of twisted experiment am I involved in
    Because I don't belong in this world"

    -If you are keeping up with me and read the lightworker page I posted, you'll notice that one of the characteristics of this type of person is that they "don’t feel like they “fit in” with the majority of the people in the world. Lightworkers feel that that they were different from others, and misunderstood by most people (sadly, often members of their own family)."

    Also, him asking if he is a "martian" refers to him knowing in his soul that he is from somewhere else.. just a soul here on this earth with a purpose: "Lightworkers believe they are here for a divine “purpose,” even if they haven’t found out what it is yet"

    There's more, bare with me: Lightworkers’ childhood was difficult, painful, and/or lonely.. hmm ring a bell? From what I've gathered in this song is that he had a particularly shitty childhood. (As did I.. got bullied a lot and was a total outcast).

    "But I think a light bulb just lit up in my conscience
    What about them rhymes I've been jottin'
    They're kinda giving me confidence"

    -he is beginning to realize his passion that will ultimately lead him to fulfilling his life purpose. (I am currently going through that as an artist. Just as I conveniently found this song)

    Also: "Lightworkers’ careers are in creative fields such as art, music, writing, acting, designing jewelry – anything that makes use of inspired creativity and imagination."

    Essentially, Eminem is fulfilling his purpose by igniting the spark in others. He is sharing his spiritual journey with you.. to tell you that if you follow your heart, your passion.. it will lead you to a fulfilling life. He wants you to see the world through his eyes. That is his soul purpose of his life. And through doing that. others too will follow their paths. This world is on its way to becoming a better place if we all wake up.

    Seriously, have an open mind. I'm confident that the right people will find this. I too, am fulfilling my purpose.

    Now that's some deep shit.

    IG: missionworldtraveler
    bwhitey555on November 29, 2014   Link

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