It's a mad man's game
Making cadences land in golden fields
A mad man's game
Making the commonplace unreal

I can't say why
But I have a way of bleeding dry
Anything you call a rose
From red to white
A full bouquet
To fucking snow

It's a mad man's game

I had been spending a lot of time
In my expensive furs
When the question frst occurred to me
Is there anything more famous,
Anything more grand,
Anything more noble than a folded hand?

Fantasy, it's a mad man's game
At the very least, a younger man's game
I'd say the only word worth singing
Is a name
I'd say the only name worth singing
Is not 'God'
It's you
As beautiful, and simple as the sun
Julia with blue jeans on
Julia, as beautiful and simple as the sun
Just Julia with blue jeans on

I see you there
Oh, at the bottom of the stairs
Obliterating everything I've ever written down
Was there any other way
That you could have been found?
Oh Julia with blue jeans on

Ohhh ah da da da ...

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Julia with Blue Jeans On song meanings
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    General CommentI'm always turned off of this song at first because it's so incredibly dark, but whenever I do stick it out, it's such a beautiful, compelling, simple love song. Sonically, he moves from that dark, almost gothic sound that is very complex to a simple chord progression by the end. And his lyrics follow the same tone and complexity throughout.

    It begins with him describing how he hates this woman so much at the moment. I suppose it could have been after a fight they had, with the verse about roses. But then later, once they've cooled off, he remembers just how beautiful she is. It's basically the feeling of coming back to someone after you've had time to really think about what they mean to you.

    This song is very indicative of the whole album, in which he follows this emotional, volatile, tumultuous relationship with this woman, who's name is probably Julia. Just a wild guess. They fight all the time and are toxic to each other at times, but still need each other because they're love. And I really like how he explored the many different facets of love and having a relationship, not just typical love songs.
    lkngroon December 06, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI like that he just goes into wordless "da da da da"s at the end. He's folding his hand, but he can't stop himself. He's quitting this exhausting game, but his mouth and his heart just keep running in the same direction even as he tries to jerk the wheel in another direction.
    AlbertGatoron April 03, 2015   Link
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    General CommentI think the image of him "spending a lot of time in [his] expensive furs" while being struck by a thought may be a reference to the destructive nature of the music industry, which detracts from the soul of the music in order to create a famous person who spends a lot of time in expensive furs, not pursuing their art.
    Reminded me a bit of the movie Frank, which you should see if you haven't yet.
    mermaidInBluejeanson May 02, 2015   Link

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