¿Cómo se dice late night Obama food?
How do you say late night Obama food?
Something hot to put you in the mood
In the mood for late night Obama food
In the mood for late night Obama food
In the mood for late night Obama food

I'm in the mood
Gimme gimme gimme processed food
'Cos I'm living in the city
And I gotta eat something
Licking finger good looking good
Like I knew it would
'Cos I'm living in the city
And I gotta eat something

And I don't care how it makes me feel
All I gotta have is a combo meal
A number two
A number five
A number three
Another number one
It tastes like Thomas Jefferson

¿Cómo se dice late night pizza co?
How do you say late night pizza co?
[Something to which to end the day]
You decide on late night pizza co
Make the call to late night pizza co
You receive the late night pizza co
And you eat the late night pizza co

We are desperate
We'll eat anything they put inside a box
We are snake bit
Corporation food fucking rocks

¿Cómo se dice lack of discipline?
How do you say lack of discipline?
¿Cómo se dice lack of discipline?
How do you say lack of discipline?

We are starving
But we're eating more than we ever did before
We are barfing
With no idea what vegetables are for
We are dancing on the greasy floor
We are prisoners of our own war
Baby come with me
We could eat for free
Original recipe
Happy New Year
Now shut up!

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    General CommentIt's clearly a social commentary on the diet of the poor in America. The narrator has money to buy food, but his choices are limited. Pizza, fast food, processed foods. Perhaps as a result of cost compared to fresh items or perhaps as a result of bad choices/self control.

    Valentine is pointing out the contradiction between the fact that they are eating, even though they are poor, but they are still killing themselves with bad food. It reminds me of college with my roommate who was a biology major. When I'd eat a lot of Ramen noodles he'd say something to the effect of "starving on a full stomach" in reference to the lack of nutrition one receives.

    I'm not sure what Valentine is trying to convey with the Obama reference. Maybe it's just a technique to express that it's people on welfare, not just fat people eating badly. It might be Obama's own contradiction between his wife's fight for health eating and perhaps a lack of support for the poor? But I'm not sure.
    hornytheclownon October 30, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationI think this song is a criticism of the eager and blind acceptance of the Obama administration by many, especially pop culture. Obama's 2008 campaign was shiny and promising; he was a young minority darling, had very tastefully branded campaign art, and he promised to bring change and transparency to our government. However, he failed on many of these counts by prosecuting whistleblowers, failing to end the War on Drugs or close Guantanamo, bailing out bankers, making no progress on minimizing corporate influence in Washington, and killing civilians (a topic lampooned in Electric Six's song "Drone Strikes" a couple of years later).

    This song's fast food metaphor is about how the Obama administration, despite it's attractive marketing, perpetuated the toxicity in Washington, and how pop culture just kept eating it up without regard to if it was really good for us. Instead of voting in real change for something that would be "healthy" for our political system, our society plugged its ears to the administration's problems and reelected Obama in the year before this song was released. We've been "starving" for change, but just eat up "anything they put inside the box" and package well. Even if what we are opting for is making our society sick and "barfing," we don't care how it makes us feel (i.e. the real effects of our "corporation food").

    The last lines drive the point home. We are obliviously celebrating on a greasy floor, as though we've really enacted change via who we've elected. We are prisoners of our own war, inflicting these problems on ourselves. But at the same time, in the end we are effectively being told to shut up, as we seemingly have no real good alternatives.
    Topherzon August 03, 2017   Link

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