The secret ingredient in the new shampoo
It's good enough for me and it's good enough for you
You've done Head & Shoulders and you've done Selsun Blue
Now start washing your hair with the new shampoo

I see the pictures of young men just like me
Washing their hair being everything I want to be
I get excited seeing young men just like me
Becoming clean

Suckin' out the juice of the new shampoo
Now there's nothing left for me and there's nothing left for you
They had to do something now there's nothing left to do
It's the remarkable science of the new shampoo

I see the men in the locker rooms with me
Rinsing and toweling with such urgency
I see the men showering next to me
I'm becoming a queen

We've, we've come a long way

Running out of supplies of the new shampoo
They riding in Shanghai in Kalamazoo
So come on over give the Devil his due
'Cause he's the inventor of the new shampoo

Give me a mirror so I can finally see me becoming
Who I want to be
Now my hair is making a mockery
Of me

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    General CommentI get the feeling this is about someone realizing they are guy, because they get aroused watching shampoo commercials with beefy guys washing their hair. The same thing happens at the gym.

    Not sure if the garbled lyrics after the second chorus is "We've, we've come a long way" or "Wet, wet, covered all wet." Both make sense.

    The last stanza brings up vanity. I think he becomes obsessed with being like the guys in the shampoo commercials too and wants his hair to be perfect.
    hornytheclownon November 13, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationWell it's surely something about being gay, but we need to figure out what exactly the "new shampoo" is.
    The reference to the Devil in the last verse, although brief, may suggest something similar to Lenny Kravitz and Adam Levine (the songs). The common thing in both of those songs and this one could be the entertainment media. So for years we've had the media promotes exemplary images (say, in shampoo ads) of beautiful men and women, but mostly straight ones because.. people hated gay people. But when approval of gay people starts to rise, the media recognizes the rise of a new market and thus comes out with "the new shampoo" brand to appeal to the gay people.
    Now they can't just come out with a new product and expect it to be relevant for long since people get bored of any one image after some time, no matter how beautiful ("Now there's nothing left for me and there's nothing left for you"). There's no new market among the gay people, and there's not much work to do ("They had to do something now there's nothing left to do") to raise approval of the gay community since the previous marketing was a success. But what the media can do now is to just tweak and update the image, and voila! Market is interested again.

    At the end of the song, the gay persona decides to check out what he eventually looks like, but he wasn't impressed. The image he gets from the new shampoo is just "a mockery" of him, perhaps because it's hardly the person he actually wants to be but rather just an image designed by the media to catch the most number of buyers.

    Replace "gay people" with "black people", "transsexual people", "differently abled people", or you name it, and you'd have a song criticizing the use of social outcasts to provide new sources of income by many companies. The irony is that it's probably the same companies that discouraged images of social outcasts in their previous promotions, and they are indeed "the Devil" to whom we keep "giving due" (money mostly) to.
    freezemeanson October 14, 2014   Link

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