"Remember to Remember" as written by Lights Valerie Poxleitner, Shad Kabando and Michael James Tompkins....
I forget so often,
God, no wonder I feel lost
When I forget where I came from
Or how I got past.
Now we ain't young,
Can't play dumb,
The fun and games is done.
Nah, man, it's a strange one.

Reverend, whatcha say? Run,
Walk this way by the light of the same sun
That's in the sky where the rain's from,
But the clouds make it hard to see him.
He's in my brother; I discovered
That it's not so hard to be him.
I just lose him in the PM,
Thinking if I had to be him,
I could hang with Mona Lisas
Like a piece in a museum.
Human beings --
Deep inside, we decide if we're free men.

Remember to remember.

In me now,
I mean it now.
In me now,
I see you now.

You may have to forgive him forever.
Every day, they say life can make you
Bitter or better.
I say, "Hey, sacred or not,
It's all that we've got."
Love is what it is,
Or maybe not what you thought.

Woke up one morning,
Started talking to Pops.
He said, "There's lots you've learned,
But a lot you forgot more often than not,
But you don't gotta be taught.
Just remember to remember
How you got to this spot
That's hot."

I'm happy and healthy
And dreaming and dying;
I'm loved and lonely
And tired of trying;
I'm far and faded
And failing with flying colours,
Fumbling forward, facing the sky.

And my aim's to entertain and inspire,
Walk through the rain and the fire,
Pay bills, keep sane, and retire
From the game with a name that's admired.
We're seeing the stars and aiming higher.

In me now,
I feel it now.
In me now,
I mean it now.

Now, I ain't never really been one for image
Or trying to fool the public with some stunts and gimmicks.
Guys gravitate to blunts and Guinness
To get the courage to fight the urge
And not succumb to timidness.
And this world is fully overrun with mimics
With a penchant for overexposing guns and women.
Few deals, funds is limited;
Folks front to get in the game --
They ain't kind; everyone's a critic.

But this ain't a race to win;
It's a run to finish.
And as long as I've got breath in my lungs to end it,
The enemy isn't the flesh and blood; thugs and cynics --
We're fighting fear and pride for the love within us.

In me now,
I see it now.
In me now,
I feel it now.

Break it down.
The poor struggle with needs;
The rich struggle with greed.
This camel struggles to squeeze
Through the eye of a needle;
Some minds struggle to see,
But we all struggle for freedom,
Instead of freeing each other
By letting ourselves be.

And it never ends.
We only feel better when we feel like
We're better than
Clever men,
And our violent silence is when we shoot
From the lip to quiet, then we talk
Non-violence and stay silent when it suits.
Really, it's all violence at the root --
The same James Wilkes in the booth,
But tyrants aren't tyrants in a group.

Who started the shooting?
Who knows?
We were all just born inside of this truth,
Taught to shoot as youth,
Taught us just humans being human,
But the truth is the truth is bulletproof.

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