There is a wheel that spins
To keep the river flowing
It runs a course between
Your eyelids and your aching jaw
There was a bird that took your voice
And turned it backward
He and the past were aiming arrows
At your heaving chest

You took a train into
The mouth of all you hated
Spent half a lifetime watching
Love tear up the steel tracks
You set a trap to catch the smoke
That turned your eyes white
You and the ghost you will become
Are sleeping side-by-side

Then collected rocks, filled up my pockets
(ran down the river Van)
And tried to cross the stream
(to the mouth of old Fenrir)
I was told I'd be kept afloat by the ghosts
(and he swallowed us up)
Of the hills that I'd flattened to get here
(swallowed us up)

Trusted a fiend and lost my hand
(ran down to the river Van)
My blood flowed white and filled the canyon
(to the mouth of old Fenrir)
Then I saw faces in the leaves
(and he swallowed us up)
And they were preaching to me
(swallowed us up)

There is a tree you cannot cut
He knows your name and all your fears
You dare not lay an axe to his old branches
They dug a coal mine by your house
His singing kept you up all night
All of your friends got caught between his black teeth

We left our shoes under the ground
Tied yellow feathers to our arms
And learned the language of the aching mountain top
Then I went out west to try to build
A simpler version of myself
My iron tools got swallowed up by spirits

And I knew my head was inside out
So I sold my soul to taste the clouds
Ate from the tree
And started digging up the ground
There is a thought you cannot shake
Of her asleep under the lake
The ice is eating up the surface
And you are the fish sleeping peacefully

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For His Old Branches (Alternate) song meanings
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