Even if they don't seem what they
Ought to be,
I just let it go
I could make them see through the
Heart of me,
And I let it go

What's a winner?
What's this bitterness?
It's crazy how we fight like Springer.
No Fight Night:
It's not a game.
I'm a globetrotter,
But not a baller or ball-spinner
On this big
Ball spinning up on God's tall fingers.

All year --
Aw yeah --
Spring, summer,
Fall, winter,
Remembering the saint
That remembered we're all sinners.
Let my people go!

(Uh, Pharaoh, they're talking to us.)

Rosa's still seated, saying,
"Please don't get off of the bus."
It's history,
Never her story,
And prophets get crushed.
Tough topics get hushed
And life is often unjust.
I forget,
And I remember to remember
On the darkest days, the sun is still
Shining in December.

Being broke?
Yeah, that's hard,
But that legal ain't always tender.
I'm Akim's team,
Focused, with my dream in the centre.
Let's move.

Now I'm just trying to make it do
What it should.
Can Wesley Snipes get a Leslie Feist;
What's good?
I'm on a little win streak, yo --
Jeremy Lin and
Tim Tebow.
How many of them negro men
Can spend C notes?

Bring me that passion,
That black Jim Caviezel.
I'm trying to be acting
Like he's really coming back in the sequel,
Really rap for the people,
We can do this music with half of the ego, but
Cats been gasping before Shad added diesel
Fuel to the fire but one strike of the match
Can be lethal.

They say a bit of the fast life's
Addictive as a hit
From a crack pipe;
The trap's, like,
Hidden, like,
Slipping at night
On some black ice --
Makes people backbite --
Even backstab best friends
With a jackknife.

B, I'm in that fight,
Given miserable odds,
Fighting with self in a scrap between
Business and art.
I've been given some scars.
Can't give in --
Still givin' 'em bars
Spit from the heart
And I'll rip 'em apart.
Y'all know me.

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