"Underbite" as written by and Moe Carlson Luke Hoskin....
So how you fuckin’ feeling tonight?
We’re (insert name here) from unimportant,
and I’m about to mimic some image of a rock and roll singer I have under lock and key.
Without the faintest hint of irony
that I’m flashing my pearly whites to sustain my mediocrity.
So is everyone having a good time tonight?
Good, I’m glad (I couldn’t actually care less).
You guys are the best crowd that we’ve ever seen,
seen with these old dead eyes.
Blind to the stage or even my own lies.

So hey ho, let’s go. Let’s start this contemptible “rock” show.
Blinding lights to hide the hand up our ass in this puppet-sock show.
Two sewn on eyes, repurposed and made new,
torn from an aging suit for a sense of déjà vu.
Thumb underbite. I bite my fucking thumb,
and hope you catch a thread, and slowly come undone.

An illusion seldom spoken. An understanding between you and I
that the ground that you stand on is somehow less than mine.
An allusion to a broken home,
left on the street and chilled to the bone.
So hey, we still feeling good?
Now you comprehend our complex relationship, consumer/consumed.
You’re just some stupid kid and I’m a megalomaniac.

Shedding defenses for an honest creation.
Placing yourself in the stocks on the strap.
You’re disgracing your effort by conforming to textbook
performance of music to fill in the gaps,
and it’s bullshit.
It’s bullshit. Be honest, this can’t be what you wanted,
if what you write about means anything to you.
Rather than pure vanity, people might connect with sincerity.
Don’t just pray the next generation learns from our mistakes.
Let’s not repackage the same old performance.
Original content is so much more rewarding.
Let’s not repackage the same old performance.
Original content is so much more rewarding.
I know that it might be quite cliché,
but if all the world is in fact a stage,
then this stage, this here goddamn stage
might just be all the world.

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"Underbite" as written by Lucas Hoskin Arif Mirabodlbaghi

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    Song MeaningThis song is about artist emerging from the industry of music, and how they all, even with there own little twist, sound the same, act the same and are clearly just doing it for the money and fame without any sens of respect for their crowd or the art ( music and the interpretation of it on a live performance )
    LoneJusticeon October 24, 2013   Link
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    General CommentI believe, as many others, that this song is a commentary about the mainstream music industry today. When its show time artists turn into this manufactured being, whatever image they created for themselves for the sole purpose of appealing to whatever is popular at the time; its all an act.

    Also in the lines:

    An illusion seldom spoken
    An understanding between you and I
    that the ground that you stand on
    is somehow less than mine

    I believe he is describing how us fans put these people on pedestals, almost worshiping them as being god like (we all know the true god is the Flying Spaghetti Monster).

    These artists have a stock sound and image and reuse it time and time again creating that same bullshit music that doesn't mean a fucking thing.

    Thanks for reading,
    JustinNickerson November 07, 2013   Link
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    General CommentMetallica
    luchodioon February 13, 2014   Link

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