"Weak" as written by and John Humphrey Dale Stewart....
No more love to purchase
I’ve invested in myself
You know nothing about me
Keep opinions to yourself
No more complications
Everything’s just swell
No more obligations
There’s nothing more to tell

I just want to be alone

When I get weak or I’m dying and afraid
When I sleep all my dreams turn out the same
When I bleed I'll relieve you of your pain
Can’t believe you won’t let me do the same
Oh oh

Please give me a reason
So I can shut you out
Though your heart is bleeding
You’ve left me with no doubt
Give me segregation
Give me back my health
Take your observations
And turn them on yourself

I just want to be alone

When I get weak or I’m dying and afraid
When I sleep all my dreams turn out the same
When I bleed I'll relieve you of your pain
I can’t believe you won’t let me go
Let me live my life alone

When I’m running scared
That’s when I need to know
That you'll let me go

When I get weak or I’m dying and afraid
When I sleep all my dreams turn out the same
When I bleed I'll relieve you of your pain
I can’t believe you won’t let me go
Let me live my life alone

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"Weak" as written by John Stephen Humphrey Dale William Stewart


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Weak song meanings
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    My InterpretationOk i feel that this song is about a person who has given up on finding love so he invest the love solely to himself. He knows people judge him for who he is but he doesn't care cause he already knows he's perfectly fine the way he is no need to change. When he doesn't have the will to be around people he just wants to be left alone. He dreams the same nightmare every night that will never change. When he is hurting he helps others that are stooped down at his pain and relieves them and they neglect to return the favor. He has come to hate his friend for not supporting him but cant bring himself to unjustly break the relationship. He just wants to stop taking everyones pains away and taking them upon himself. People observe how bad he looks and wants them to look upon themselves to see what they are compared to him. He feels that his ties to his friend are what make him miserable and needs to know he wont hold him back if he wants to go free.
    Thats my interpretation of this song. There are lots of people who are truly hurt and they help those who don't know what true pain is. And then don't return the favor. Then they judge them because they cant control how bad they look. People look at the negatives in everything other than themselves and don't know how to set anything in misery free from their imprisonment.
    Birdbrains017on March 17, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about loner,who simply wants to be left alone. He is miserable, and wants to be left alone. When he dreams, he has nightmares, all ending in what would appear to be his demise. He feels as though everybody is trying to hurt him, so he blocks any and everyone out. All he wants is to be alone. So when he is in utter turmoil, or when he is tired, or frightened, hurt, whatever, he goes to a special place, maybe in his head, maybe in reality, and there he stays until everything is alright again. But in the end, he feels that he is being ostracised, possibly in some sick ritual, where all the pain of others unleashed unto him, like he is the world's dumping ground for misery. This is my interpretation, and I can relate, I think everyone can. When you are upset, or want to be alone, and the world seems to be trying to crush you, all you want is to be alone so you can heal, and sleep, and recover from your pain and sadness.
    AKXXBoneson March 07, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationGREAT SONG! MY NEW FAVORITE!
    I think the song is about someone who has their own demons that they r dealing with, like most of us. But as a good friend he listens to everyone else's problems and tries to help them..without judgement. But when the time comes that he needs help or for someone to listen..they just judge him, blame him, downplay it they don't really 'get' what he is going through. They dont have a clue whats really goin on in his head. So like most of us.."everythings swell" (just leave me alone, I'm not even gonna bother). Next time u have a problem or want to talk..ur on ur own..just like me. I can totally relate..woke up singing it btw. SEETHER...THANK YOU
    AlwzsThnknon March 18, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationMy interpretation is that it's about a person (him) whose relationship has ended & their ex (she) won't leave them alone.

    "No more love to purchase;
    I've invested in myself"
    He has decided he doesn't want to put effort into getting this girl's love anymore. He finds it more sustainable to give himself that effort & love.
    "You know nothing about me;
    Keep opinions to yourself"
    The ex is probably criticizing him based on the person she judges him to be.
    "No more complications;
    Everything's just swell!"
    The relationship's ended, & he considers this as the turning of a new leaf. He's very happy to be out of the relationship.
    "No more obligations,
    There's nothing more to tell."
    He has no more obligations to improve the relationship or please his partner, & tell her every detail of his life.

    "When I bleed, I relieve you of your pain"
    When he shows his pain, or she knows he's hurt, it gives her relief; whether it is because he's sharing his sensitivity by telling her how sad he is that the relationship has ended because the fighting was traumatic, or because she was purposefully poisonous towards him.

    "Please give me a reason
    So I can shut you out"
    He wants to have the strength to not respond to his ex.
    "Though your heart is bleeding,
    You left me with no doubt"
    Even though it pained him to hurt her, his decision is final - He broke-up with her, & he doesn't regret it.
    "Give me segregation;
    Give me back my health"
    He wants to be apart from her so he can be happy and lead a healthy life.
    "Take your observations
    & turn them on yourself"
    He doesn't want to hear what his ex has to say about him nor the break-up, or anything from her really. She has to deal with it on her own.

    "When I'm running scared - that's when I need to know
    That you'll let me go"
    He's actually scared of his ex because the fights were so hurtful & unpleasant, so he avoids her at all costs. She needs to leave him alone.
    "When I sleep, all my dreams turn out the same"
    Sleep & dreams aren't his happy place anymore. They're repetitive nightmares.
    "I can't believe you won't let me go;
    Let me live my life alone!"
    He just wants his ex to leave him alone so they can move on, & she won't stop trying to seek him out.

    Heavy stuff, but that's pretty much the story-line I visualized when I listened to the lyrics.
    MiquelaJermanon June 27, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationTo me personally, I think that the lyrics are of some one who's been hurt or has their demons they are fighting and has someone who refuses to give up on them and he can't figure out why. I served in the Military for 8 1/2 years to come home to a divorce and now I have a lovely person who for some reason I can't figure wants to help me get over what I've been through in those 8 years. So to me in this song when he's saying "I just want to be alone
    When I get weak or I'm tired and afraid
    When I sleep all my dreams turn out the same
    When I bleed I relieve you of your pain
    I can't believe you won't let me do the same"
    He's saying that he wants to be alone he'll do anything to push them away to spare them the pain of his pain. He feels like he'll do anything to help that person, and the one thing he thinks will help him (being alone) that person won't let him have it because they know it really won't help it...
    At least that just my interpretation of it. I know it's confusing lol, it sounds much better in my head.
    itsmemikeon September 30, 2014   Link

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